Malifaux Terms Glossary

There is a LOT of terminology in Malifaux which can lead to some confusion, to assist, this page was made to compile all terms used in the game so that they could be found and understood quickly. The terms are all listed Alphabetically. So here we go:

(all) - A model may take no other actions this turn if they want to take an action with an (all) cost - that action can be the ONLY action they take that turn {if they take any other actions, they may NOT take an (all) action this turn} - 1st Edition Rule; unused in 2nd Edition

(0) - This Action/Spell costs 0-AP to use. Typically, a model may perform only one (0) Action per each activation

(1) - This Action/Spell costs 1-AP to use

(2) - This Action/Spell costs 2-AP to use

Accomplice - After this model ends its activation, a DIFFERENT model within 6" may Chain Activate

Armor +# - Reduce the Dg this model suffers by the indicated number (#) down to a minimum of 1 Dg. This is cumulative with any other type of Armor

(2) Auto Fire - Spend 2 AP and a discard a card to gain 3 AP, each one of which is to be used on a Sh (1).

Bayou Two Card - Can Cheat Fate with the top card of its Fate Deck

Black Blood - When this model suffers damage, all models without Black Blood within 1" of this model suffer 1 damage

Blocking (Terrain) - This type of terrain, when its is the same height or bigger than the model trying to see past it, will block its Line of Sight

Bullet Proof +# - This model reduces all wounds they suffer from Ranged Attacks by "#" (to a minimum of 1)

Brutal [Weapon] - A common trigger on melee models. This weapon inflicts +1 Dg for each Tome in this model's Duel total. - 1st Edition Rule; unused in 2nd Edition

Buried - This model is removed from play, but may return to the game when an effect allows them to do so. It does NOT generate any applicable counters when removed, and does NOT count as a casualty for Victory Point Purposes

Casting Expert - This model gains 1 additional AP during its activation which may only be used for Ca Actions.

Casting Master - This model gains 2 additional AP during its activation which may only be used for Ca Actions.

Chain Activation - Activating another model after your activation before your opponent is able to activate. Only 1 additional model may chain activate

Climbable (Terrain) - This type of terrain is scalable at double the movement costs (e.g. 2" up or down costs 4" of movement)

Companion - If after a friendly model finishes its activation within 6", then THIS model may Chain Activate

Construct (Characteristic) - When this model is killed, it drops a Scrap Marker in BtB contact.

(Rams) Critical Strike - Attack Trigger: This attack does +1 more damage to the target of the attack for each "RAM" in the model's attack duel

Dg - The abbreviation for damage

Disguised - This model can't be the target of a Charge Action.

Don't Mind Me - While engaged, this model can still take Interact Actions

Engaged - in regards to two enemy models, if either one is within range to use its melee attack, then both are considered engaged

Evasive +# - This model reduces all wounds it suffers from Pulses by # (to a minimum of 1). If no # is provided, then its immune to all the damage

Fast - This model gains +1 AP (Action Points) at the start of its activation (typically gaining 3-AP that turn). "Slow" and "Fast" on the same model cancel each other out.

Flay - A common trigger on Neverborn models. The model may cheat damage even if the flip is at a negative

Flight (Ability) - This model may move over terrain and other models without penalty, but cannot end its movement on another model's base or on impassible terrain. Its also immune to falling damage

(2) Flurry (Action) - By discarding a control card and using 2-AP, this model may make 3-melee attacks against the same target during this activation

(2) Furious Casting (Action): by discarding a control card and using 2-AP, this model gains 3-AP that may only be used on Ca Actions during this activation

Hard to Kill - if this model has 2 or more wounds left, it cannot have its wounds reduced below 1 (if it takes a hit that would take it to 0 wounds or less, it instead reduces its wounds to 1)

Hard to Wound "#" - Damage Flips against this model receive one negative flip per indicated number (#)

Hazardous (Terrain) - Models suffer damage when passing through Hazardous terrain. It doesn't matter if the model just standing there, walked into, was pushed, or whatever. Once per turn, the opponent makes the un-cheatable flip. During the model's activation, if it enters or is already within this terrain, it will suffer 1/2/4 Dg. In some cases before play begins, both players may choose to agree for a certain terrain to do more damage, like Lava pit 3/7/10 - mwah ha ha ha!

Impassable (Terrain) - No model may enter this terrain. And without Flight or Incorporeal, a model cannot cross this Terrain.

Incorporeal - During any movement or push, this model is ignored by and ignores other models and terrain. Also, all Sh and Ml Attack Action damage is halved.

Insignificant - This model cannot take Interact Actions.

(+1) Instinctual - This model may perform two different (0) actions on its activation (instead of only one (0) action as is typically permitted)

Killed - This model is removed from play, generating any applicable counters it may produce when killed.

Latch On - As long as an enemy model is in base contact with this model, it will suffer a -1 Df . This effect is accumulative with others who can also Latch On

Living - When this model is killed, it drops a Corpse Marker in BtB contact

Lure - A Ca action which targets Wp and causes the targeted model to move it's Wk towards and as close as possible to the caster. This action is a move, not a push, which means that the move (A) need not be in a straight line and (B) does't ignore rough terrain unless the lured model innately ignores it (e.g. Flight, Incorporeal, etc.)

Magic Resistant +# - This model gains Armor +# vs. Spells and Spell effects only - 1E Rule

Manipulative (#) - Enemy models must win a Wp # Duel when targeting this model with an attack; otherwise, the Action immediately fails. The model's ability to be Manipulative is suppressed if it has already activated this turn. This ability used to be called Harmless in versions older than M2E, but now Harmless is when the model is Manipulative regardless of whether it has activated this turn or not

(+1) Melee Expert - This model gains an additional AP during its activation which may only be used to make Ml Actions

(+2) Melee Master - This model gains two additional AP during its activation which may only be used to make Ml Actions

Mercenary - A Crew may include up to two models with the Mercenary characteristic from all other Factions by paying +1 soulstone for each. Mercenaries from the player's chosen Faction do not count toward this total

Nimble - This model gets +1 AP to be used to take Walk Actions

Overload - If this model is reduced to 1 Wd from an Attack action, it then gains the Reactivate Condition. This same ability also goes by the name Eternal Nightmare

Paralyzed - A model gaining Paralyzed during its activation loses any remaining AP and its activation immediately ends. If the model gains Paralyzed outside of its activation, it forfeits its next activation. While Paralyzed, a model has no engagement range (thus no disengaging strikes) and generates 0 AP during its next activation. It can also not take (0)s. Paralyze is removed at the end of the model's activation.

Poison # - The affected model increase its Poison Condition by #. At the end of each turn, reduce the Poison Condition by 1 and deal 1 damage to that model. This damage cannot be reduced, but may be prevented.

Prowl - At the end of the turn, this model may push 3" in any direction

Pursue - If an enemy model has already Activated this turn, then this model gains a +Ram to its final duel total against it

(+1) Ranged Expert - This model gains an additional AP during its activation which may only be used to make Ranged strikes - 1E Rule

(+2) Ranged Master - This model gains two additional AP during its activation which may only be used to make Ranged strikes - 1E Rule

(2) Rapid Fire - Action -Discard a Control card to allow this model to make 3 Sh Attacks against the same target this activation

Rare # - A crew is limited to fielding between zero and # copies of this model

Reckless - At the start of the model's activation, it may take 1 Dg to gain 1 AP. It can only do this once per turn

Relentless - Immunity to Horror Duels

Sacrificed - This model is removed from play and does NOT generate any applicable counters.

Seen it All - This model gets a +flip to Horror Duels

Severe (Terrain) - Movement through severe terrain costs double the movement moved (i.e.: Every 1" of walking or Charging movement through Severe Terrain instead costs 2" of movement)

Sh - Abbreviation for Shooting

(-1) Slow - This model loses -1 AP (Action Points) at the start of its activation (typically having only 1-AP that turn). "Slow" and "Fast" cancel each other out.

Small Target: Sh - This ability imposes -Flip on a Sh Action that target this model

Stand Ground - When taking a Defensive Stance Action, this model doesn't need to discard a card

Stubborn - Enemies take a -flip on the Attack portion of Wp Attack actions

Tenebrous Aura: __ - Followed by an attack action (like Sh), this ability imposes -Flip on the declared type of action whenever it is pointed at a friendly within its radius

Terrifying (Characteristic) # - An enemy model must pass a TN # Horror Duel if they target this model with an Action or end a Walk action within this model’s engagement range. If it fails, the model taking the test becomes Paralyzed. A characteristic is also listed (in parentheses) describing what type of enemy model is affected, e.g. All, Constructs, Living, Undead, etc.

Totem (Characteristic) - This model can only be hired by a certain Master if one is listed in parenthesis beside the Totem Characteristic. A crew can only have 1 Totem unless otherwise stated.

Undead (Characteristic) - This model drops a Corpse Marker in BtB contact when Killed.

Unimpeded - When moving, this model ignores penalties imposed by severe terrain

Use Soulstones - This model may use game effects that require Soulstones. All Masters and Henchmen automatically have this ability unless stated otherwise

Wicked - This model deals damage with disengaging strikes.