Steam Arachnid Swarm, Arcanist Minion


When the Steam Arachnids attack in large numbers, They naturally begin attacking in groups of 3. These swarms have been known to reduce a Slate Ridge Mauler to bones within minutes, and can destroy the work of an afternoon by removing evidence, bombs, and other signs of a crews presence.

The Steam Arachnid Swarm is a melee model that can be hired or formed by the Steam Arachnid's Swarm Together ability.


The Steam Arachnid Swarm has decent Mobility, with a Wk of 5 and a Cg of 6. It won't be setting the world on fire, but it should fit in nicely as a medium range model.

It's Sea of Claws attack has a trigger that pushes the target 4" directly away and then pushes the Swarm into base contact.


The Swarm has only one attack; Sea of Claws, an average Ml that does high average damage with a spread of 2/4/5. This is compounded when the Swarm has more than half it's Wd left, because Strength in Numbers provides a positive flip on damage.

This attack has an offensive trigger, Overwhelm, and it already has the suit for it, allowing the Swarm to make another attack at -1Ml, so long as Ml is not reduced to 2, and the attacks keep doing damage.


The Swarm has Armor +1, and Evasive so that the Swarm takes no damage from Pulse effects or Attacks. It has an average Df of 5 and a good Wp of 6. If you are running with a crew that can provide scrap markers or have extra Steam Arachnid models, it also has a (0) that destroys one and provides a healing flip of 2/3/5.

Tactics and Tips

Devouring Swarm
This Action removes all Scheme Markers within 4 inches. It is typically best to try and position the Swarm between two or three Scheme Markers, or even summon them there, and use this action to remove multiples at a time. If done on the last turn, there is little your opponent can do to mitigate this. This may not be used on the same activation as Self Repair because they are both (0) actions.

This is a fantastic ability that can surprise your opponent and literally ruin their plans. If they have set up Plant Explosives, you can confuse them by not moving out of the 3" range for the markers and then just removing it for a (0). It is also fantastic for Line in the Sand where your opponent will be trying to place markers exactly 4" apart to minimize movement while maximizing marker placement - that is more than close enough to remove 2 turns of work with ease.

Playing Against the Steam Arachnid Swarm

Do not allow it to approach an area with high density of Scheme Markers.

If your opponent is using it for offense, be sure to reduce it to half wounds relatively quickly to remove their positive flip to damage. Use Blast damage, not Pulse for indirect attacks.

The Df is only average, so a direct attack against the swarm has a good chance of hitting.

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