As with McMourning, Sebastian has fairly average looking stats, including his wounds. However, don't overlook his Height of 1 (no pun intended!) this means he needs to be placed carefully to maximise his Catalyst and Induction abilities and to pay careful attention to anything with Devour.

Sebastian is a model who is typically ignored by opponents who have yet to face him due to his lack of any direct level of damage, while those who have fought against him before will know the true level of damage he is capable of, that said he is an excellent choice for Bodyguard and having a Nurse stick close to him ususally results in him surviving most games. I find being slightly more cautious with him is a good idea, he is good but not that good! A good thing to remember is his small height means he can safely hide behind most other models taller than himself until his more destuctive abilities are needed.
  • As a side note, I typically find myself spending most of Sebastian's AP simply moving into useful positions to make the most of Induction, Catalyst and Transfusion. Occasionally Under Cover if its appriopriate. Simply put Sebastian is typically all about passive damage (augmenting Poison) rather than aggressive damage (i.e using his Bonesaw or Bloody Harvest) although this is possibly due to my style of play.


Catalyst - This makes models take Poison damage when they activate. Don't forget this as its a great way to get free damage on nearby enemies!
  • Trick number 1 (Usually combined with Induction) - If your opponent has a model with 1/3 wounds and at least Poison +1 (without Regen +1) it is usually best to walk up to said model and allow the model to kill itself when it activates (usually forcing your opponent to try and save it should said model be worthwhile). This is especially useful against more powerful/expensive models and if McMourning is nearby with the Moonlighting upgrade even better - Be aware that this will likely further increase the size of the target sign clearly aimed at him.
  • Trick number 2 - Use Catalyst to heal models with Embalmed or Mithridization. When they activate the poison damage will tick, thus healing them for a wound instead. - Be aware that this will burn through any built up poison or poison from Embalmed very quickly!
  • Trick number 3 - Poison is a great way around Hard to Kill, Catalyst gives you another chance to finish off such annoying models who are near death just in case you fell short with your attack and 1 point of poison damage just isn't enough.
  • Trick number 4 - This will allow McMourning (with Plastic Surgery) to gain a free push at the start of his activation (not just at the end of the turn) as Catalyst does not effect the model with the ability, despite being an aura.

Hard to Wound - Gives a negative flip to damage flips. A nice defensive ability that usually means Sebastian can save his Soulstones for other things like damage prevention.

Induction - This increases the damage from the Poison condition from 1 to 3. This does combine with Catalyst, however the range on Induction is slightly lower and thankfully it doesn't effect friendly models, this means models unlucky enough to be caught in his Induction and Catalyst ranges can take up to 6 damage a turn from poison. Also don't make the mistake I did and miss off the word 'friendly' when reading this ability.
  • Risk vs Reward - This ability has a risk/reward style of play. You can either run Sebastian into a group of Poisoned enemies to make them suffer damage upon activating. This increases the level of damage the enemy sustains that turn but usually makes Sebastian Public Enemy #1 and you will likely have to spend several Soulstones to prevent damage and have a Nurse heal him. The safer way is to run him into a group of Poisoned enemies at the end of a turn once they have all activated. This results in less damage in the short term but it will allow Sebastian to do more damage or board control in the long run.
    • Unnerving Aura - If you take Unnerving Aura this will further increase his threat level and can promote either play style although moving him into range as soon as possible will likely result in most models dying at the end of the turn, should they be unable to escape his Aura's.

Accomplice - Another model can activate after this model. Always a strong ability and should not be overlooked!
  • Trick - This is a great way around crews with condtion removal. Should Sebatian be able to use Transfusion (assuming the upgrade is taken) to transfer a lethal level of poison to a target, using Accomplice on McMourning will allow him to Expunge the target before the poison can be removed. This takes some minor set up but for the most part shouldn't deviated too much from how you would be playing, the main difference is to not send McMourning too far up and to be more cautious with the model carrying all of the poison (making sure the enemy can't remove it before Expunging the target).


Bonesaw - A fairly standard Ml and damage track. Although it does have the Infect trigger built in.
  • Trick - Should you hit the target, they will automatically receive the Poison +1 condtion as Infect doesn't need any damage to be inflicted. When you combine his damage track and the poison he gives out (when combined with Induction) his damage track is closer to 5/6/8 for his first attack. Should he get a second Crow in the duel it becomes closer to 8/9/11 if the enemy has yet to activate and fails to move out of his Induction aura. This means Sebastian is no slouch in combat and can certainly dish out plenty of damage, although this won't always be the optimum way to use him.

Under Cover - Puts enemy attack actions with the gun icon on a negative flip although it needs a 4+ of Crows to use.
  • Trick - Assuming you have the low Crow (as spending the Soulstones is usually not worth it), have Sebastian move up and use this ability to help defend against incoming attacks, if possible behind (hard) cover to make sure Sebastian is safe (due to a double negative flip assuming if using hard cover). Don't forget that his lasts until his next activation so place him well! You want to be able to leave him there as long as possible.
    • Be aware, using this will likely result in the enemy focusing their shots, thus negating Hard to Wound and the negative flip. This has the advantage of less attacks and AP spent elsewhere but means they are more likely going to be able to cheat their damage flip, possibly taking out an importantly placed model.

Bloody Harvest - Enemies take a Df 8 + number equal to Poison condition (on Sebastian) duel or suffer 4 damage. Max duel total is 17, although for most models this is high enough to be practically auto-damage (most models will need a 12+ to pass). Situational and needs some set up (as too little Poison results in too low a TN for its victims) but can result in a lot of dead models if you or your opponent aren't careful as this effects both friendly and enemy models alike.
  • Trick number 1 - Should McMourning be unable to Expunge a target that turn, having Sebastian use Transfusion on himself to stack the poison bomb onto himself (Poison will likely be between 8-14). And walking into a large group of enemies before using Bloody Harvest (or using it twice should he be already there) will likely result in 4/8 damage to all models in range.
  • Trick number 2 - A continuation from trick 1. If Sebastian started his activation in a prime position to use Bloody Harvest once/twice and already had the Poison he needed. He can end his activation be simply attempting to Transfusion his Poison onto another model to avoid taking further damage himself. This can either be a Expunge target, or a friendly model with Embalmed/Mithridization.


Transfusion - Transfers Poison from one model to another, including the caster.
  • This is must take for Sebastian even though it is not his personal upgrade, it gives him a VERY useful and powerful (0) action that is good at catching people out due to the ability to double walk and Transfuse models up to 18" away. Also, you only need to equal the opponents final duel. Beating it by 5 has the same effect as beating it by 1.
    • Trick number 1 - This can allow you to set up a target full of Poison without using McMourning's AP to do so, ready to be Expunged. This is typically the primary use of this ability.
    • Trick number 2 - This can allow you to pass around Poison to a low wound model that Poison will kill off, thus removing an enemy model and should McMourning be nearby, can allow him to summon a Canine Remains... This also works for friendly model's but targeting enemies is generally better unless you have a poor control hand.
    • Trick number 3 - Sebastian can pass around Poison to models nearby that are a threat and simply need reducing in wounds (3/6 depending on whether they have activated.)
    • Trick number 4 - Allows Sebastian to pass Poison around to help friendly models heal/stop friendly models taking Poison damage. This also can be used to pass McMourning small amounts of Poison to make further use of That's the Stuff. This will usually be the lowest priority use for Transfusion, however it can be useful in the right circumstances.

Those Are Not Ours! - Gives Sebastian a (0) action to sacrifice a friendly Undead model for a Soulstone and card. Also allows Sebastian to summon a Canine Remains from Corpses as a (1) action and a 6+ of crows. While not often used, this upgrade is usually taken as a 'just in case' style upgrade as it has a nice ability to help in various situations.
  • Destroy Evidence - The (0) action. For a 5+ of any suit, this can be a nice little ability in a tight spot. I find it to be useful in 1 of 2 situations
    • Trick number 1 - When playing Reckoning, if a friendly model is nearly dead, Destroy Evidence is a great way to remove the model and the opportunity for the enemy to gain any VP's from it's death. This works in a similar fashion to allowing a friendly model die to Poison because of Catalyst.
    • Trick number 2 - If you are on the last turn and either have no Soulstones left, no model to use Transfusion on, and the target will be of no use to the Strategy/Scheme, sacrificing them for a Stone and a Card can allow more damage preventions or + flips to duels etc. This can allow Sebastian or McMourning to complete/deny a scheme. e.g. McMourning gains another Stone to add a mask to an attack action for This One's Ready or Sebastian has another Stone to use for Damage Prevention.

Man's Best Friend - Allows Sebastian to summon a Canine Remains.
  • Again situational as it requires a mid Crow. Usually when using this ability I would only use 6-9 of Crows (sometimes a 10) if I have them in hand (or I'll attempt to top deck it if no other options are available). Very rarely will I spend a Soulstone on this spell unless turn 4 I still have 5-6 stones left and need more bodies for schemes.
    • Trick number 1 - This can be a great way (as with all summoning spells) of throwing an opponent off a game psychologically. If they spend 2AP to kill a model and you simply bring it back with a 1 action. Provided only a moderate card is used this can be worth the Soulstone for the crow.
    • Trick number 2 - Don't forget Canine Remains drop the defence of nearby enemy models and the majority of your crew attack against defence. Summoning in a new dog to walk up to an enemy (or 1 charging should they be Poisoned) allows other models to target said model much more easily. Including (but not limited to) allowing lower cards to be used/cheated for Transfer and Expunge.

Decaying Aura - Prevents healing and damage prevention from Soulstones within a 4" aura
  • A very strong upgrade but not one that I feel really benefits Sebastian as much as it benefits McMourning or Rafkin (who has the strongest affinity with this upgrade). This will allow Sebastian's Induction and Catalyst abilities to work at full strength all the time however I have never been in a situation where I felt I needed it to be even better.

Unknowable Pain - allows other models to push their Cg towards a model which damages it (requires a Mask).
  • Not something I would give Sebastian and considering its of limited use its not something I've considered much, other possible upgrades are of far more use.

Unnerving Aura - Models that start and end within a 3" aura suffer 2 damage.
  • This is something I have started to look at recently as a substitute for Those Are Not Ours! This means any model with the Poison +1 or +2 condition will suffer a potentially larger amount of damage for simply activating near Sebastian and should they attempt to kill him and fail, will likely result in their death.
    • This is not an upgrade I have used yet but something that certainly seems like it could be good and a nasty surprise for anyone who forgets about it. Suffering up to 8 damage simpy for starting and ending an activation within 3" of Sebastian sounds fairly nasty. How practical this is in game is something I will need to test and update when possible.

Originally written by forums user Kriltic
Unless otherwise stated, all names and images on this site are property of Wyrd Miniatures, LLC. (Link)

Originally written by forums user Kriltic
Unless otherwise stated, all names and images on this site are property of Wyrd Miniatures, LLC. (Link)