Rail Golem, Arcanist Enforcer


The most impressive Construct that Mei Feng has yet deigned to share with Ramos and the M&SU, it was the prime reason that she has Ramos' trust. Classified as an extreme asset, these units are in production, but as Mei Feng has yet refused to release any information on how these are created, they are currently limited to no more than one on any mission. In order to keep her affiliations secret, she has not given the Rail Golem to other Ten Thunders Masters.

Crafted from the very Rails and wood that are used to build the railroads and work the Mines, the Rail Golem is an intimidating mass of steel and wood wrapped around the burning furnace which powers it. This furnace can be stoked to grant the Rail Golem greater speed and force. At full steam, the red hot Golem hits like a steam engine.

However, due to its large size, the Golem is fairly easy to hit.


The Rail Golem doesn't look particularly fast at first glance, with only a 4 Wk.

However, Locomotion can give the Rail Golem a free walk, multiple times per round, limited only by how many Tomes you have and how much Burning you have on the Rail Golem. This actually makes him one of the Arcanist's more mobile models, and means that nowhere on the board is safe from an attack by a Rail Golem with Burning +6.


The Rail Golem hits things. Hard. This is not a model for attacking at range, but one to get into melee and beat the opponent down.

Rail Bash

The Rail Bash is the Golem's main Attack (and only attack action) with an average hit of 5, a 2" range, and two triggers that are both quite good. It has an positive flip to the Attack, making it a little more accurate.


Redline: this trigger is automatically available any time that the Rail Golem connects with a Rail Bash, and puts Burning +1 on the Rail Golem.
Knock Aside: This trigger requires that the Golem have a Mask on the attack, and allows the Golem to push the victim in any direction after dealing damage.

Vent Boiler
This (0) action, which cannot be taken with Locomotion, forces all models within 3 of the Rail Golem to make a Wk Duel, or gain an amount of Burning equal to half of that which is on the Rail Golem. This removes all Burning from the Golem.


The Rail Golem gets to take a Wk, or a (1) Ml action. The Ml attack deals 2 extra damage if the Rail Golem has the Burning Condition.
This Tactical Action reduces the Burning on the Golem by one, and requires a 4 or higher to cast. If that 4+ card has a Tome on it, you can use Locomotion again.


The Rail Golem has low Df of 4, and average Wp, but it does have a lot of Wd to get through.

Armor +2
In order to do more than 1 damage, attacks hitting this model need to do damage of greater than 3.

Forged in Fire
This model does not take damage from Burning. It also gains Burning +1 at the start of it's activation.

Fiery Determination
A Df trigger on Rams that gives the Rail Golem Burning +1 whether the attack is successful or not.


A prime subject for the Arcanist Upgrade Imbued Protection, as adding Df 5 to the Rail Golem makes him that much scarier.

Imbued Energies is also very potent on the Rail Golem, helping to ensure that it can get the +2 damage from a Locomotion Rail Bash.

Tactics and Tips

The Rail Golem works best by getting into engagement and beating up medium to large models, abusing Locomotion, and generally spreading around as much damage as possible. You will probably lose the Golem before the game is over. However, between the Fiery Determination trigger, the Redline trigger, and the additional Burning +1 for activating, after Turn 2-3, you should never have to worry too much about running out of Burning.

Keep the Golem back during the initial turn or two, moving with your master. After he has a few Burning on him, and the other crew are closer, use Locomotion first, to get whatever movement you need, and an extra attack or two, and then use your actual AP for more Attacks, or Defensive Stance. Alternatively, if you can get into combat using only it's regular AP, Locomotion can absolutely destroy your opponent because of the +2 damage for having Burning on it.

It could be fun to run the Rail Golem with Kaeris. She can use Flaming Halo to add Burning to the Rail Golem, and trigger to add extra counters for an early start to collecting Burning.

Any Arcanist can take The Firestarter as well, if your goal is to get more Burning on the Rail Golem. This is not strictly necessary, as the Golem is more often able to generate more than enough Burning by itself. This could be used if you plan to use it's Vent Boiler action in a crowd.

Most Locomotion killing sprees end because you have run out of tomes to trigger more Locomotion, rather than running out of Burning. Remember this and be prepared to save mid level tomes to fuel your Locomotion turn. Upgrades like Arcane Reservoir will help by increasing your hand. Spending soulstones in the Draw phase to draw 2 extra cards and discarding 2 can also help you find tomes. Imbued Energies will net you 4 cards if the model with it dies. I wouldn't plan on killing your model just to gain the extra cards, but if you do have a model with it, thats close to death, you can try and hold off on the Rail Golems activation until it has died. (One important change to this is if you have Myranda with the Imbued Energies upgrade as she can sacrifice herself to summon another beast, so you have control over when you get those 4 extra cards)

Playing Against Rail Golem

Attacks that ignore Armor are your best bet to removing the Rail Golem. It has fairly low Df, so most attacks you take against it will succeed.

If you let it get a Charge on a model, that model is more than likely dead. However, as no model can survive alone, it could be useful to set up a bad charge for your opponent in order to draw the Rail Golem into a bad position.

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