M2E Ice Dancer

Ice Dancer, Arcanist minion


Who says that the Cult of December doesn't know how to have fun? A mixup between Colette's showgirls and Rasputina's cannibalistic cult, the Ice Dancer is maneuverable minion who can function well as a hit-and-run melee model as well as scheme running.


Ice Dancers can certainly move around. Their Wk is an above-average 6, with a decent Cg of 8 to match. More importantly, the Forward Momentum ability lets them push 2" at the end of their activation for each walk action they took, effectively increasing their maximum move distance to 16"!

She's also got the Frozen Heart ability, so is immune to paralyzed. She can still be affected by slow, though.


Her offensive power isn't that bad, actually. She's only got one attack, but it comes with a good Ml of 6 and a decent (if wide) damage spread. On a mask, after damaging she can push up to 2" in any direction, which is great for getting her out of melee so she can keep moving. She's all about moving.


The Ice Dancer has learnt from both Colette and Rasputina. Her Df clocks in at a respectable 6, and her Butterfly Jump is possibly one of the best evade abilities in the game. At the cost of discarding any card, after she's successfully targeted by a non-melee attack she can push up to 3" in any direction - and if this stops her being a legal target (moving out of range or line of sight, for example), the action immediately fails. This is great for moving her around even more, and makes her a very slippery target to deal with at range. It's best to keep her on the edge of an opponent's threat range, or close to some blocking terrain she can scoot behind if someone attempts to take a pot shot.

Tactics and Tips

Despite her 6ss cost, the Ice Dancer makes a pretty good scheme runner. It's hard for the enemy to tie her down what with her various ways of pushing, and her (0) Work the Crowd lets her drop a scheme marker at the end of her activation - since this isn't an Interact action, it isn't affected by the proximity of other markers and so makes her a great option for completing schemes such as Convict Labor or Breakthrough. She works best with Rasputina and Colette - the former as she's a fast-moving model with Frozen Heart who can disengage with relative ease, and the latter as she has the Showgirl characteristic and can drop scheme markers as a (0) even when not near Colette.

Her (1) Ice Path tactical action is a nifty way of moving enemy models around, ideally pulling them off strategic locations such as Squat markers and Turf War. Since you can't place them in base contact with enemy models, this action works best with other models that can pull enemy models into the ice path such as The Captain, December Acolytes or Performers.

Playing Against Ice Dancers

While the Ice Dancer boasts a high Df and quite a few ways of pushing, she does only have 6 wounds and so will fold pretty quickly if you can hit her. Her Butterfly Jump isn't a defensive trigger and so won't be stopped by the likes of Sensei Yu, but if you have anything that prevents or punishes pushes (Rail Workers or Lilith's Wicked Vines, for example), that will make taking her out much easier. Alternatively, just engage her in melee - she can't Butterfly Jump away from close attacks, and 6 wounds will fold quickly under a focused attack.

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She's also got the Frozen Heart ability, so is immune to horror duels and paralyzed. She can still be affected by slow, though.