Union Steamfitter, Arcanist Minion


The Union Steamfitter is mainly a support unit, with the ability to grant armor and mitigate severe damage with its Weld Metal Plate ability. It also has the ability to draw a card from the top of the discard pile with Tools for the Job.


The Steamfitter has an average Wk 5 and Cg 6.

The Burst of Steam Df trigger on a Mask pushes the Steamfitter 3" after suffering damage, giving it a decent melee escape trick.


(1) Arc Welder is the Steamfitter's only attack, a decent Ml 6, 2/3/5 with a trigger on a Ram to add Burning +2 if the target has armor.


The Steamfitter has seven wounds and an average 5 in DF and Wp, with only one Df ability Burst of Steam, triggering on a Mask, which deals 1 damage to enemies in pulse 1 and can push the Steamfitter up to 3" in any direction. This allows her to push out of the melee of most models, and can also be used to break LoS when she takes damage from a ranged attack (pushing behind terrain/models).

The Steamfitter can use its Tactical Action (1) Weld Metal Plate on itself, granting Reinforced Sheet Armor +1, or even Armor +1, making it much more resilient.

Tactics and Tips

The Steamfitter has 2 Tactical Actions.

(1) Weld Metal Plate is a Ca 4 with a target number of 10 that grants the condition Reinforced Sheet Armor +1: If this model would suffer Severe damage, it instead suffers Moderate damage. Then, reduce this condition by 1." This is a valuable mitigation tool, and will even reduce Red Joker damage to Moderate.
This action has two triggers;
Stacked Plates on two Tomes (you'll need to discard a tome with Tools for the Job to get the second tome, as it isn't built in) allows this model to take this action again after succeeding. With a bit of luck (and some Tomes in hand) you can pass out Sheet Armor to your entire crew (or stack it sky-high on a single model).
Reinforced Plate on a Crow allows you to discard a nearby scrap marker to grant the target Armor +1 as a condition if it doesn't have Armor already. This goes great with Ironsides and Sandeep.

(0) Discarded Tool allows the Steamfitter to discard 1 card to place a Scheme Marker in base contact, or 2 cards to place a Scrap Marker instead. This action is why the Steamfitter is Ramos' favorite, allowing him to get his Scrap engine started without needing to kill a construct on turn 1.

Playing Against the Union Steamfitter

Although the Steamfitter isn't a primary offensive threat, it can easily stack Armor and Sheet Armor on itself and allied models, making the opposing crew annoyingly resilient. Tools for the Job can also bring severe/Red Jokers back from the discard pile, cycling them for less valuable cards.

Using ranged attacks is the easiest way of killing the Steamfitter and avoiding any damage. Try to catch her out in the open where Burst of Steam won't be as effective. Cornering the Steamfitter to deny its push makes it fairly easy for tankier models to melee down.

If killing the Steamfitter isn't an option, tying it up away from its crew and any objectives can render its Tactical Actions less effective.

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