Steam Arachnid, Arcanist Minion
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While these little mechanical spiders are commonly associated with Ramos, any Arcanist Master can get a lot of use out of them. They provide a cheap, mobile, Significant model that also reduces Defense while being fairly difficult to remove themselves. Good for cheap objective grabbers, or to make that hard hitting model just a bit more effective. When they die, they leave behind a Scrap Counter, making them a good fit for Ramos and Mei Feng.


Despite an average Wk, these models are among the most mobile in the game due to Unimpeded. While they cannot climb buildings without taking extra movement, Severe Terrain does not limit them.


Iron Claw is the only attack they have. It's a Ml Rg 1 with low chances of hitting, and low damage; however, they can do it when In base contact with a model, allowing Latch On to increase their odds of hitting. While an individual Steam Arachnid might not be much of a threat, having two or three latched on and attacking with 1-3 Damage each suddenly becomes much more effective.
In addition, they have the Overheat trigger, which does 2 Damage in a Pulse of 2, and then sacrifices the Steam Arachnid.


The Steam Arachnid is surprisingly durable for such a cheap model. While it only has 4 Wounds, Armor 1 and slightly above average Df and Wp make it hard to hit, and reduce damage when you do.

Evasive also helps, as it ensures that the Steam Arachnid never takes damage from Pulses.

If all else fails, as long as you can get three of the Steam Arachnids together into base contact, you can summon a Steam Arachnid Swarm, using Swarm Together, which comes in at full Wounds, but Sacrifices the three Arachnids.

Tactics and Tips

These little guys are your basic swiss army knife. They are good objective runners, make your Damage dealing more consistent, and make other models more likely to get that disengage off. They run best in larger numbers, gaining the advantage of Swarm Together, as well as additional -1 Debuffs to the Df of whatever model they are in base combat with.

If you have a lot of Severe terrain, they will also shine as objective runners. Even if you don't, they are such small cost, low damage minions that opponents will often ignore them to focus on larger threats, allowing them to complete objectives.

Playing Against The Steam Arcachnid

Do not allow your opponent to surround you with Steam Arachnids. They will make even high Df models easy to hit in large numbers, with a mere two of them being able to reduce High Df masters to average Df. More of them just make things dangerous, even before they start attacking themselves. Nothin' is as demoralizing as taking 6-9 damage on a Master from models little better than peons.

While they are hard to hit, and some Masters can make them harder, if you do hit, they only have 4 Wounds. Armor makes that a bit more difficult to break through, but any attack that ignores Armor is going to hurt. Indirect damage from Blasts is also your friend. It may be difficult to hit the Arachnid, but hitting the Rail Golem standing next to him? That is usually much easier.

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