Silurid, Neverborn Minion


Normally associated with Zoraida and the rest of her Swampfiend crew, the Silurid is one of the fastest, slipperiest models in the game. While lacking the damage and resilience one would expect of a 7 Soulstone model, they remain a great choice making Interact Actions and placing Scheme Markers wherever and whenever you need them.


It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Silurid is very fast! Between a Wk 5, Cg 7, and their (0) Action Leap they can 17" each activation at the cost of a 5 of any suit.


With only a Ml 5, reach of 1", and 1/3/4 damage spread their Talons are what you'd expect from a 4 Soulstone model. They have two triggers, but neither are that great or built in Bite gives out Poison +1 on a mask and Blood Frenzy gives you a free attack on a ram. Even though Blood Frenzy can keep triggering as long as you keep flipping rams and doing damage, but it's little consolation. If you want a decent chance of hitting moderate or sever you'll have to Focus.

Don't underestimate the potential for a Silurid to remove the last 1-2 wounds off an enemy model. With Leap it's certainly mobile enough to be at the right place when you want it to be. You can position for a Charge or just get into melee and swing twice. So if there's a model that needs that last bit of chip damage to put it down (one with Hard to Kill maybe) Silurids are a good option to consider.

You should remember that with Wp 4, a they will struggle to hit anything with Terrifying or Manipulative. So avoid them whenever possible.


With Df 5 and 6 Wd, the Silurid is not at all a resilient model. If the enemy gets a chance to actually hit them, then they'll go down fast, so they must rely on other ways to stay alive. This is where the Silurid's superb mobility comes in. Silurid should endeavor to remain outside the enemy's line of sight and threat range whenever possible, and with an effective 17" of movement each turn this shouldn't be too difficult.

Silent and Perfect Camouflage abilities also help in this regard. Silent prevents other models from ignoring LoS and cover when targeting the Silurid. This makes them great at avoiding the likes of Lady Justice, Lilith and the feared Austinger, but also helps against any shooting models who normally ignore cover, like Kaeris and the Freikorps Specialist. Perfect Camouflage gives out negative flips to Charge and Sh Actions against the Silurid, so long as it hasn't Activated. This further limits the opponent's options for making an effective (ie. non-negative flip) attack on your Silurid. However there are plenty of models with attacks it won't get around, so you'll often need to decide whether to Activate late to keep Perfect Camouflage going or to Activate early to just Leap and Walk away from your opponent's Crew.

Tactics and Tips


Silurid are frankly amazing at any Strategy or Scheme that involves Interacting to place Markers somewhere. Its mobility make it well suited for placing Scheme Markers in out-of-the-way places to achieve Breakthrough, Power Ritual and Plant Evidence in particular. With a (0) Leap Action they're capable of placing two Scheme Markers in an Activation (Interact, Leap, Interact), and they're particularly great at Strategies and Schemes that require (2) Interacts (since the (0) Leap action helps them get into position).

Silurid are also very good at getting close to enemy models for Deliver a Message, Distract, Cursed Object, Spring the Trap and Plant Explosives, although the Silurid's low resilience means this might be a one-way trip if you're not careful. Of course in some cases (particularly Deliver a Message vs. a Master who prefers to hang up the back) the loss of a Silurid might be well worth the VPs earned from achieving the Scheme.

So if you're needing to drop some Markers, you can Interact, Leap, and Interact dropping two in the same turn. You can also Leap into engagement and (2) Interact with little effort.


As useful as Companion can be, you won't get much use out of this Ability with the Silurid. After all, as flanking minions they're rarely close enough to the rest of your crew. That said, it's still useful to keep in mind for those rare instances where using Companion to Activate your Silurid will keep it out of harm's way, especially if that Silurid needs to be rescued from a model engaged with it (ie. to bring in beater of your own, then Companion the Silurid to either finish the job or (0) Leap out of there).


As a Beast the Silurid can work with a Marcus crew, granting him access to an excellent objective grabber.


As a Swampfiend, Silurid can be taken in Gremlin crews alongside Zoraida. The Gremlins are already quite flush with quick models who can plant Scheme <arkers everywhere (e.g. Rooster Riders, Merris, even the Bayou Gremlin), so the Silurid's traditional strength is somewhat diluted among Gremlins. However the Swampfiend characteristic does offer additional synergy with Bad Juju, McTavish and Spawn Mother. With Bad Juju buried your opponent will think twice about killing your Silurid, since that can trigger Bad Juju's emergence via its Eternal Fiend Upgrade.

Playing Against Silurid

Seeing a Silurid across the table tends to give you a pretty clear indication of what Schemes your opponent has likely gone for. It also means that one or two unmolested Silurid are likely to equate to 3-6 easy VPs for your opponent, so you should always endeavor to find a way to remove them.

As stated above, Silurid will fold the moment you manage to start hitting them. The trick, however, is pinning them down. Ideally you need a "picket line" of sorts – a few cheap models to hold the flanks. Simply engaging them won't prevent them from using Leap, but anything that prevents pushes (eg. the Pin Trigger from a Rail Worker) will hold them in place. Anything that disrupts Ca Actions (like Disrupt Magic) will also make Leap much trickier to use.

The Silurid's other defense, Camouflage, will only work when the Silurid has not yet activated


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