Poison Gamin, Arcanist Minion

'Running deep inside my veins, burning deep inside my veins, poison...' - Alice Cooper, 'Poison'


A member of the Gamin family, Poison Gamin aren't quite as durable as their metal brethren, or as mobile as their winged brethren. They do bring an above-average number of wounds (for a Gamin) to the table, as well as some synergy with the Poison condition.


The Poison Gamin have a fairly standard Wk and Cg. Their Leave Them To Die ability gives them a little extra mobility by letting them push if they make an attack action, making them rather good for hit-and-run tactics. The push is at the end of their activation, though, so won't help with schemes such as Cursed Object or Accusation.


Poison Gamin can attack at range as well as up close, making them quite versatile. Their Barbed tail has a rather wide damage spread, but can do +1 damage with the built-in trigger Corrosive Toxins if the target already has the Poison condition. Their ranged attack, Spit Venom, has a slightly lower damage track, but can also apply the Poison condition via the Infect trigger.


Poison Gamin are a little bit more resilient than their other Gamin brethren, boasting five wounds as well as Armor +1. They also get to heal rather than taking damage from the Poison condition at the end of the turn, which is situational as they have no way of applying Poison to themselves, but worth remembering. PoisonGamin2500x1667.png

Tactics and Tips

Poison Gamin work best when paired with another model who can hand out Poison, such as another Poison Gamin, Kudra, Myranda, a Razorspine Rattler, or the Performer to name a few. You can set up a model for an attack by applying Poison to the target, then charging in with the Poison Gamin to take advantage of both their trigger and their Mithridization (0) action.

Playing Against Poison Gamin

It's best to engage Poison Gamin at range, where their Deadly Reflex won't deal any damage to your own models. It is an indiscriminate pulse, so if your opponent happens to leave her Poison Gamin near her own models, take advantage and kill the Gamin to damage them!

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