Metal Gamin, Arcanist Minion


Metal Gamin are arguably the most tanky models you can buy for 4ss, though they're not quite as resilient as they once were. They aren't speedy at Wk4, but they are great Scheme runners if you can get them there, because they will stand in a place and are hard for your opponent to remove. Their basic attack is not overly powerful, but can add Burning which makes it pretty good. If you are playing against Constructs, their (0) is absolutely amazing.


If your opponent has no Constructs, they are moving 4" per Walk. Very slow.

If you opponent has Constructs, note that their (0) Magnetism has an incredible 16" range. It does 2 damage ignoring Armor, and then pulls the Gamin 6" towards the target. Make sure you note all of the Constructs in your opponents crew - this is an amazing ability.

There are moments where you may want to use Magnetism against your own crew. 2 damage ignoring Armor is rough, but sometimes 6 extra inches is necessary. Particularly in a Mei Feng crew with lots of friendly Constructs, you can push Rail Workers forward and then get the Gamin a bit further. Don't use it for "general use" though - only for moments when it's the difference between getting VPs this turn or not.


Magnetism is very potent against Constructs, as noted above.

Their melee attack can be good. It has a base value of 4, a range of 1" and a damage spread of 1/2/3. However, if you have Protection of Metal on a model engaged with the Gamin, this attack adds an extra 2 Burning to the target, which then usually brings the damage up to 3/4/5, which is amazing. With the base of 4, most opponents will try and succeed at stopping it, but sometimes they fail or sometimes they will need to cheat in a good card. This is a great card-pulling attack.


The Metal Gamin is no longer ridiculously resilient. It has Df 5, Armor 2, and Stand Ground. It used to have Hard to Kill, but lost this ability in the November 2015 errata.

Its Tactical Action Protection of Metal gives a model within 3" of the Metal Gamin an unchangeable Df 6, but this lasts only as long as there is a friendly Metal Gamin within 3" of the target. Note that a Metal Gamin can no longer use Protection of Metal on itself (or another Metal Gamin) as of the November 2015 errata.

Stand Ground means you don't have to discard a card to Defensive Stance. If you need to hold a Scheme marker, double Defensive.

Tactics and Tips

The Metal Gamin is a straightforward, cheap Minion.

General usage for it is to attack enemy Constructs, since its zero action Magnetism has a long range and high base Ca.

The Mechanical Rider can also summon these, if you find yourself in need of tanky models. However, due to the new errata, they may no longer be the best choice. Fire Gamin would usually win the offensive side, and Ice Gamin the defensive side in most cases.

In recent meta if an Arcanist wants cheap and robust construct models then seek the Rail Workers for 5SS. For 1 extra SS it offers much better overall status and Hard to Kill.

Playing Against Metal Gamin

Someone noted that these are the least AP efficient models to remove, and it's true. If you absolutely need them gone, you will need to focus fire them one at a time. They will go away as they only have 4 Wds, but your opponent will make you pay dearly in AP.

Models that ignore Armor are your best bet.

Conditions such as Poison and Burning which happen at the end of the turn also can speed up their death.

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