Kandara, Arcanist Henchman


(No more than a few paragraphs on what the henchman is about and how it basically plays)


(How the Henchman gets around and how good it is at it)


(Possibly with subheadings like 'melee', 'ranged' and/or relevant spells and abilities)


(Possibly with subheadings like 'vs melee', ' vs ranged' and/or relevant spells and abilities)


(Recommended upgrades for the Henchman and how important they are to him/her/it.)

Tactics and Tips

(Combos, tricks, and it's best role in-game)

Leading a Crew

(With subheadings, usually referencing specific spells, abilities and important combos)

Strategies and Schemes

(General overview, then maybe specifics on what strategies/schemes are good and bad)

Building a Crew

(What sort of minions might or might not work well with the Henchman, overall advice.

Playing Against [Henchman]

(How best to deal with the Henchman (whether as a leader or not), things to watch out for, etc.)

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