Joss, Arcanist Henchman


Joss is Ramos right hand man, which is especially poignant because he lost his own arm on a mission for Ramos. Now, more machine than man, his service has been rewarded with greater trust and responsibilities. He works well on his own, or with other Arcanist models, and is a good second in command for any Arcanist Master, but especially good for Mei Feng and Ramos, due to his Creative Salvage, which gives him an extra Scrap Marker every time he kills someone.

With a Master

The roles that Joss fills in a crew are many, and he is good at all of them. As a tar-pit, he can block movement fairly well with a 2" Rg, above average Ml Arc Axe. As a tank, he has high durability with Armor, Hard to Kill, and high average defensive stats. As a melee beat-stick, He has two options: Arc Axe gives him a damage output that is highly consistent, and can ignore most common defenses when in engagement range. Pneumatic Fist gives him a Paralyzed Trigger, and has high damage output at a shorter Range.

As a Leader

Joss doesn't bring a lot to the models he brings with him, other than a Cache of 3. He remains good at all the things he does with a Master, and is one of the more solid Henchmen for his price. When he is leading crews, it is usually best to bring models that don't need a lot of support, and to let Joss take the beatings.


Joss has a decent Wk of 5 and an Cg of 6, and that's the only thing you can say about his mobility.



Arc Axe
A (1) Ml attack with a range of 2, the damage is neither high nor low, but the Severe and Moderate damage are identical, and the Weak is only 1 lower, making it extremely consistent. Adding to this, it ignores Armor, Hard to Wound, Hard to Kill, and does not allow the target to declare Df Triggers. This is an excellent all-around attack that to use against Arcanists with possible Armor or Hard to Kill, or Ressers with possible Hard to Wound.

Pneumatic Fist
A (2) Ml attack with a range of 1, this attack deals high damage with a large range. This also has a trigger Choke Slam requiring a Crow that also paralyzes the target after damaging.


Arc Blast
This attack is Joss' weakest, but it is a Sh that can hit at Projectile range 10 with a damage spread of 2/2/4. Still, as a ranged attack, it adds versatility when Joss can't quite get to a model.


Stat line

Joss has average Df of 5, and slightly above average Wp of 6. He has 9 Wounds, making him one of the tougher Henchmen.


Armor +2 gives him some impressive resilience against most attacks. This, as well as Hard to Kill means that he is quite good at tanking. When he is reduced to 1 wound, hitting his Hard to Kill, he gets Reactivate. At that point, the hard thing is to keep him alive long enough to use it, as if an opponent has reduced him to 1 wound, he is much more likely to continue swinging! Make sure to finish off enemy models that could ignore Armor.


Imbued Energies is brilliant for any Arcanist, allowing them Fast. Joss in particular can take advantage of this by being able to Walk into engagement and then Pnuematic Fist for (2).

Imbued Protection is generally good as well, except that it is fairly expensive and Joss is already reasonably tanky. It can likely be used better elsewhere, such as on your Master.

Open Current is an excellent upgrade that gives him a (0) to make all non-Construct models within pulse 5" take a 15 Wp duel or gain a condition that gives them a negative flip to Df duels until the end of turn. This is perfect in a Ramos crew, or a Construct heavy Mei Feng crew, but be careful around other models he may be near. For example, if Mei Feng is near the combat herself!

Bleeding Edge Tech is a great upgrade, giving nearby Minion Constructs Regen +1.

Powered by Flame is possible for Joss to take, but is likely better in another crew. It causes damage from nearby Constructs to give Burning +1 when they cause damage. An extra damage is nice, but you may want something that takes advantage of Burning in order to make this most effective.

Recharge Soul Stone is a good upgrade on Joss. As Joss is most of the time in the middle of the fight, he could make good use of the siphon souls 3" range. Note that on the upgrade card, it reads "when a living model ... is killed within 3" of this model..." thus living models in your own crew also contribute to this siphon souls ability. Soul stones earned this way could help Joss better survive in battle.

Tactics and Tips

Joss is a fairly straight forward model. Only his use with Open Current at all requires thought, as otherwise he is good to run into your opponents models and start swinging.

Leading a Crew

Because Joss is a solid, straight forward model, he makes an excellent leader for Henchman-only crews or Hardcore. He doesn't require or give any support, which is good when you don't have many Soulstones to use.

Strategies and Schemes

He could be good for any Strategy or Scheme that requires killing things as his basic attack ignores a number of abilities that models use to defend themselves. For example, enemy Metal Gamin can be removed with a single good Moderate swing! Bodyguard could be a good Scheme for him.

Playing Against Joss

If you can ignore Armor, your attacks against Joss will be much more effective. Watch out for his Reactivate when he hits Hard to Kill, and be aware if your opponent has taken Open Currents, as it will ruin any defensive plan you had.

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