Hoarcat Pride, Arcanist Minion


A solid minion. Fairly average across the board comparable to it's cost making it reliable for a wide variety of tasks.


Walk 5, Charge 6. Not spectacular, but 10" in an Activation is fair and allows him to get where he needs to be within reason.

We hit a similar head-scratcher for me with the lack of Unimpeded....apparently a a giant three-headed Smilodon has no difficulty, but the little kitties get stuck in the underbrush. They are however very good at running through your legs like a real cat....they have Pass Through which allows them to ignore other models while moving. This doesn't allow them to ignore disengaging strikes, but they could run through their own lines for a Charge or if you just want to Activate them before another friend that's in their way. If you want to set up a double charge on an enemy, the Hoarcat could actually charge right through the enemy leaving the front side open for a friend to join the party.


Standard 1" Melee attack is average and isn't going to be killing much on its own, but it's respectable for this model's cost and if you can get the Rip Throat trigger (requiring a Ram which there isn't a lot of call for in most Arcanist crews) for a plus two flip on damage, you have a great chance of doing damage on par with a more expensive model. It has a mini-Cerberus ability in that if this model is at three wounds or higher, it does +1 damage.....that pushes the damage to very nice levels.

Devour is fun. Unfortunately, it's low Ml stat and suit requirement (9 Crow minimum) makes it tough to pull off and fairly easy to resist. There aren't any ways for a standard Marcus crew to hand out Paralyzed and there aren't a ton of Ht 1 models out there. You really need to wait until the enemy makes a mistake and fails one of the few Terror tests in the crew. Alternately, run them in a crew that can dish out Paralyzed, like Rasputina. You aren't going to use it much, but it's a great ability to capitalize on a mistake and really make them pay for it.


More average stats but some great defensive abilities.

They're Manipulative....hey, they're just cute little kitties. If you can hold off for a little while in a turn to Activate them the enemy will need to pass a Wp 12 duel or the Attack action fails (this becomes even more powerful with any Wp de-buffing abilities in play like a Marcus Howl).

They're also tiny (have fun painting them) but that makes them a Small Target. Shoot attacks suffer a neg flip on the attack. This makes them extra effective for flanking away from the main enemy force where they usually rely on shooting to stop objective runners, especially if they can hug cover on the way.

Eat Your Fill may be useful if you're actually still alive, but with six wounds, if you can make an opponent miss just once on a charge, you have a great chance of surviving.

Tactics and Tips

Holding off activation until later in the turn makes them a little more resilient. Their damage track can surprise people when above two wounds, but they're definitely better attacking something that's already weakened to ensure the kill to activate their Eat Your Fill.

Their defenses are average enough that they could block an enemy model....especially if they move into position against a model that has already activated, so when the next turn starts the Hoarcat will have the Manipulative protection.

They have some synergy with Rasputina. They lack Frozen Heart, but Rasputina can throw Paralyzed around pretty easily, and the Ice Golem can Toss them into position.....in this way they may get more use out of Devour but it still requires a high suited card to have a chance to go through.

They're solid for their points, so can certainly contend toe to toe with a model of equal value.

I think they're good for flanking as I mentioned above. They're not super fast, but they can cross the center-line by turn two to start laying Scheme Markers in turn three.

Playing Against Hoarcat Pride

Manipulative can be a pain. So if you're going to charge them, try to wait until they've activated or use a model that has a 'ignore targeting test' ability like Ruthless. They're pretty standard otherwise, but if you go for them, try to finish them to deny them the chance for Eat Your Fill.

If they're flanking you, don't ignore them completely, or they will get into your back field to start scoring VP.

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