The Gremlins


Hardly more intelligent than the hogs they raise, the Gremlins of Malifaux's bayou know one thing, if it ain't Gremlin it's dinner.
As dangerous to themselves as as they are to anyone else, they pursue their prey with a reckless glee even if it results in their own death.
To those unfortunate enough to get lost in the swamp, a squealing pig is the last sound they hear.


The Brewmaster - The One who keeps the 'shine coming. Dual Faction Ten Thunders. Causes Poison in various ways that he and his crew manipulate to their advantage.

Mah Tucket - The Mean Old Lady. Dives across the field to beat you up with a big wooden spoon.

Ophelia LaCroix - Gremlin Cowboy. Emulating the Ortegas, Ophelia and her family are clever and have learned to use human weapons with Gremlin modifications - their daring encounters are the stuff of legend back in the Bayou.

Som'er Teeth Jones - The Hillbilly Horde Master. The Big Boss Man (since he has the largest hat), Som'er supports and summons a swarmy crew of underling gremlins and pigs.

Ulix - The Swineherd. Controls and gains power from nearby pigs.

Wong - The Gremlin Fireworks Display. Spreads area of effect attacks to many enemies at once.

Zipp - The Sky Pirate. A super fast disruption master who puts enemy models exactly where he wants them and doesn't let them leave.

Zoraida - The Voodoo Swamp Hag. Dual Faction Neverborn. Tends to manipulate everyone around her to suit her goals, preventing her opponent from cheating down cards, and forcing enemy and friendly models to attack each other.







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