Emberling, Ten Thunders Totem (Mei Feng)


A small creation of fiery coals and the like, The Emberling mainly utilizes the Burning condition. The Emberling is a Minion - this is very important, as it counts towards a great number of Schemes and Strategies and is a very inexpensive purchase. If you have a specific purpose for it in the game, it will excel at bringing you VPs.


Average Wk but comes with a huge Cg range. The Emberling also boasts Companion.



A melee attack with a rather low MI that gives the target Burning +2, unless the target is a Construct then it suffers 2 damage instead. It has a trigger for when it does damage to a Construct to place a Scrap marker.

Fan the Flames

A short ranged spell that can only be cast once each activation and must target a model that already has the Burning condition. Meet these requirements and it works exactly like Torch, without the trigger. This is a great spell, because it has no resist. But the conditions of use can be difficult to get off.


The Emberling has a low Df, lower Wd but makes up for it by being immune to the Burning condition and also Incorporeal which halves damage done to it by Ml and Sh actions.

Tips and Tricks

Stoke The Flames

Models close to the Emberling can't remove Burning at the end of the turn, a good reason to load your opponent up with Burning then send in the Emberling to keep the fires stoked.

Cool Down

(1) AP spell with a high TN that generates a Scrap counter but also costs the Emberling a wound. Great for setting up paths for Mei Feng to Railwalk through.

Frame for Murder

The Emberling makes a decent Frame for Murder target for Mei. It can get in a Master or Henchmans face fairly easily, and only cost you 3ss. 3ss for 3VPs is a great trade.

Other Schemes

With Wk5, Incorporeal, only 3ss and being a Minion, the Emberling makes a fantastic Scheme runner. Send him along the edge of the battlefield, ensuring that your opponent has better targets at all times, and he will easily put a Line in the Sand Scheme marker in the corner of the table, or Breakthrough marker in the backfield, etc. Again, 3ss is a great use for 3VPs.

Playing Against Emberling

The Emberling is a fairly easy target to remove, particularly if your opponent has used Cool Down to drop a Scrap. Ca attacks are more efficient because they ignore Incorporeal, but in general it should be easy to remove. Watch for Frame for Murder if you think your opponent is playing it with The Emberling. If it is sent along the edges, you may want to divert some shooting or more mobile model to stop it from getting Line, Breakthrough, Plant Evidence, etc.

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