Carlos Vasquez, Arcanist Henchman

'The audience was told to stand back!'


Since more and more young women have been arriving in Malifaux, the Star Theatre has had to add male performers to its lineup. Carlos Vasquez is the result of this change, an acrobatic pyrokinetic performer who provides a decent melee attack as well as the option for Pyre markers.


Carlos is a very mobile model. A solid Wk and Cg let him get around without many problems, and his (0) action lets him Push up to 4" - ideal to get out of engagement or through some severe terrain.

He also has some offensive power in his movement thanks to "The Flames, I Am Their Master", where he can move 50mm Pyre markers to force a simple Wk duel on any model touched by the marker. This requires a little setup via his (0) "Do Not Try This At Home" (or a certain other pyrokinetic-themed model), but is a good way to force damage on models as he walks by. Since it's a simple Wk duel, it's also perfect to get around most defensive triggers or abilities such as Pandora's Expose Fears.


Carlos packs quite the punch in melee, with his rather egotistically-named The Flaming Fist Of The Great Carlos Vasquez. With a superb 3" melee reach and a solid Ml of 6, it's not too shabby an attack - and that's before we get to the triggers. All three are built-in, with one letting him hand out Burning equal to the number of tomes to his target. Another lets him gain the Burning +1 condition himself, which seems rather odd at first until you consider his final trigger, 'The Audience Was Told To Stand Back!', which deals an amount of damage to the target equal to the Burning condition on Carlos and reduces his own Burning to 0. This can make for a superb extra damage boost, turning Carlos's standard damage track into a much more impressive punch. Do be aware that it's separate damage, though, so Armor and the like will reduce both sets of damage.


Carlos is a fairly resilient character. He can treat his Burning condition like Armor (up to a maximum of +2), and as a henchman can also stone to prevent damage if need be. With his unique upgrade Stunt Double, he can also heal at the end of the turn if he's still Burning and you have a spare card to discard.


Carlos has one unique upgrade, Stunt Double, which gives him a rather nice way to heal instead of taking damage from the Burning condition. Given that Burning functions like Armor for Carlos, it's often best to keep him on fire for the whole turn, and then discard a card to heal him at the end of the turn. It also gives him a way to play around with scheme markers, which is particularly good in a Colette-led crew.

With his wide melee range and decent damage, Carlos can make good use of Recharge Soulstone. He has a 3" melee range, Recharge Soulstone affects models within 3" - coincidence or fate? ;)

Between his high Df and healing from the Showmanship upgrade, Carlos doesn't really need the additional buff of Imbued Protection. He can make good use of Imbued Energies, though, as Fast on demand is never a bad thing!

Tactics and Tips

Carlos functions very well as a beater, and as a tarpit. His 40mm base and 3" melee reach allow him to engage multiple models, and his Armor and healing (if he brought along his upgrade) can make him rather hard to put down.

While Carlos has a thematic link to Ms du Bois (and even gets his upgrade for free if she's leading the crew!), he can find a place in many Arcanist crews. Mei Feng will appreciate the Burning he can hand out for her to gain a [+] to her Tiger's Claw, while Kaeris can make use of the Burning for her own attacks. She can also turn him into a true tank if he has his Showmanship upgrade, since the ability specifies that 'Whenever this model would suffer damage from the Burning condition'. Is Carlos holding an important position, but looking a little low on health? Hit him with Flaming Halo once or twice, then have the Eternal Flame use Flaming Detonation for instant healing!

Leading a Crew

With a good Ml range and a decent attack, Carlos can be a solid choice as a crew leader in smaller sized games.

Strategies and Schemes

With his 40mm base and melee reach, Carlos is very good at stopping enemy models from Interacting and is ideal for locking down markers such as in Squatter's Rights, for example. His defense, Armor and healing makes him a good Bodyguard target, while his mobility makes him a solid choice for Entourage.

Building a Crew

Given that Carlos is quite a self-reliant character, his crew doesn't necessarily need to do a tremendous amount to support him. He can easily hold enemy models in place and deal out a surprising amount of damage, so consider pairing him with some scheme-runners to do the business of scoring VP while Carlos tackles the enemy. Additionally, it can be worth taking along models who hand out Burning such as the Union Miners - either to give The Flaming Fist Of The Great Carlos Vasquez that little extra punch for his 'The Audience Was Told To Stand Back!' trigger, or just to reapply the condition to increase his durability in case your opponent has come prepared with condition removal.

Playing Against Carlos Vasquez

Condition removal is the best way to deal with him - by removing Burning, you're not only removing his ability to deal extra damage to his target but also making him easier to hurt by removing his Armor and healing option.

Carlos is also rather susceptible to Obey and similar actions thanks to his mediocre (for his cost) Wp. He could be Obeyed to attack an ally and drop his Burning with the trigger, dealing significant damage to another one of your opponent's models and leaving him without the Burning condition.

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