Banasuva, Arcanist Minion


Sandeep Desai's totem, Banasuva is a fire spirit trapped in his Gada. In times of dire need, Sandeep can unleash Banasuva's power to turn the tide of the battle. In-game, he is a model who can only be summoned, and can act in various roles thanks to which upgrade is attached.

When Banasuva is summoned, Sandeep must attach one upgrade to it from those listed on his summoning action - these will vary depending on whether Sandeep has taken To Command Another Plane or To Behold Another World. These upgrades can drastically alter Banasuva's role on the table, depending on which one you attach.


Unless you've attached the Earth upgrade, Banasuva is quite mobile.


Banasuva is a model designed for melee. A decent Ml 6 and a 3/4/6 damage track mean that, despite his minion status, Banasuva can put out some serious damage. He also has the Melee Expert ability, letting him make an extra attack each round.


Despite his appearance, Banasuva is not a particularly resilient model. Df 5 with no additional tricks means that he will go down if your opponent wants him to. On the flipside, he can then be summoned again, and will deal damage in an indiscriminate pulse when he dies.


Since Banasuva can only be summoned by Sandeep, he will always enter the game with one upgrade attached from those listed on Sandeep's upgrade. Each of these has an upside and a downside, so bear these (and which one will have the greatest benefit) in mind when summoning him.

Tactics and Tips

Banasuva works best when he's summoned in the middle of the enemy crew, allowing him to attack models immediately and forcing your opponent to waste resources dealing with him.

It's worth considering which other Gamin you want to have around when Banasuva is summoned. His only (0) lets him copy any action or ability from a friendly Gamin, giving you a wealth of possibilities. 3/4/6 damage just isn't quite enough? Copy Frozen Heart from an Ice Gamin after it's used Bite Of Winter, and watch the damage track go up to 4/5/7! Want to make Banasuva a bit harder for your opponent to remove? Copy Armor +2 from a Metal Gamin!

Playing Against Banasuva

Take note of which upgrade Sandeep has attached to Banasuva, as this will give you a clue as to how to deal with him. If he's got the Earth upgrade attached, for example, he can't be moved or pushed and so will have very limited mobility options - if you can disengage and leave him stranded, he can't do much unless Sandeep's in range for him to copy The Path To Salvation via Beacon.

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