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The boiling contents of the Guild's pressure cooker. The people always have a voice, and the harsher the means to eradicate it, the louder it speaks. A rag-tag collection of spellcasters and deviants, the Arcanists seek to undermine and defy the Guild. But it is always a matter of time before the oppressed rise up to become the oppressors, and those voices who speak loudest for the people are also speaking the loudest for themselves.

A faction of fragile spellcasters, backed by lots of constructs and beasts. Magical attacks, whether in melee or at range, are a common sight in these crews, with a wide variety of elemental spells (fire, ice, electricity) dealing death from a distance. The huge variety of constructs provide melee power and durability. Beasts are also commonly found in this faction, though they tend to be 'glass cannons' - high speed and damage with low resilience.


Marcus - The Beast Master. Not a lot of direct damage spells. With his crew of beasts, Marcus plays an aggressive game of hit-and-run. (crew list)

Mei Feng - The Human Freight Train. Dual Faction Ten Thunders. Can leapfrog convoy along chains of friendly Constructs, and bounce from opponent to opponent in long chains of Strikes, Spells, and Triggers. A melee spellcaster. (crew list)

Ramos - The Cyber-Spider Summoner. He has some direct damage electrical spells, but for the most part Ramos specializes in summoning mechanical spiders that move up and kill/detonate vs. enemy models. (crew list)

Rasputina - The Ice Witch. Slow, but very good at dealing damage by throwing ice magic through her minions from a safe distance away. (crew list)

Ironsides - The Union Brawler. No subtle magician, Ironsides is a fearless bare-knuckles street brawler. She accumulates Adrenaline when she's surrounded and attacks, and takes a swing back when anyone attacks her. (crew list)

Kaeris - The Fire Witch. Sets friend and foe alike on fire for a variety of beneficial effects. (crew list)

Colette du Bois - The Illusionist. Manipulates and moves around quickly, using Scheme Markers as resources and leading a team of elegant Showgirls. (crew list)

Sandeep Desai - The Enlightened Sage. Lets other models use his actions, and summons Gamin with unique upgrades as well as his deadly totem Banasuva. (crew list)







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