Arcane Effigy, Arcanist Minion

Arcane Effigy.jpgOverview

Collodi's secret spies! No one knows where they came from, they just know they showed up one day and started helping. Little animatronic dolls that knew exactly what you needed, and when. The arcane effigy helps light things on fire, which sounds destructive, but once you realize how much you like seeing those thing on fire, you're glad the little bugger is around!


The Arcane Effigy is similar to all of the effigies. It has an average walk/charge of 5/6, and no real way to do much else, movement wise.


The arcane Effigy is a little bit different in this regard than the others- many of them have hidden blade style attacks, but the Arcane effigy has something more... well... ... arcane.

Arcane Fury (Ca 4, Rst Df, Rg Melee 1) Target Suffers 1/2/4 damage
Okay, so maybe it's not that different. It is a cast instead of a ML, so it can do extra damage against incorporeal targets, if you can get the attack to go off and not do minimum damage...

One of the real reasons they have for being around is their (0) action, which while it doesn't increase their offense, it powers up a leader model's offense with some burnination.

(0) Arcane Radiance
This 0 action allows the friendly leader within 8" to gain "Radiance: Models damaged by one of this model's attack actions must discard a card or gain the burning +1 condition."
Either they discard, or they get lit on fire. My kind of ultimatum.


Like all effigies, they're tough buggers, especially for a 4 soulstone model. They've only got 4 wounds, but they've got 1 armor, and hard to kill. This means that unless they can ignore the hard to kill it will take at least two ap to kill an effigy. And if you're minimum damage is 3 or less, it will take even more than that.

Tactics and Tips

The effigy also has:
(1) Cleanse Fate Remove one Condition from target friendly model within 2"
The range is a little lack luster, but the fact that you don't have to cast it makes it extremely worthy of note. Did a hanged take away your master's ability to heal itself? Cleanse that fate right off of ya.

Now for the crew breakdown

Ironsides is almost always dropping attack actions on people! She also loves having M&SU members around, so if you bring the effigy, and pass out some burning, that Gunsmith you hired is going to squeal with excitement. It's also good to either have some hand control, or just tack on some extra damage. With all of Toni's combo chains, she could prompt Radiance more than a couple times in a turn.

Mei Feng
A lot of what I said about Toni fits here also, but this is more of a force multiplier than just extra damage- Her claws already add burning. Her kick doesn't, until now. Also, if you hit with the claw, and add one burning, the other is optional, but not a trigger, so you can either get +1 burning and a discard, or +2 burning. Both are solid.

So, Flaming Halo doesn't do damage. You can't get an extra +1 to burning off of this skill. But immolate does! So, flaming halo, then chain immolate to do damage and potentially drain hand or add burning.

No effigy would be complete without an obligatory "Why would Collodi hire this one?" The answer is flaming death puppets. If Collodi gives radiance to all of the puppets and minions in the circle can go hog wild and prompt Radiance literally a dozen times. Even if you want the burning to stop, you can't have enough cards for all of that... There's not a ton of burning synergy past that, but extra damage or card deny are both really solid when you're spreading it around.

The First Lady of Ice becomes .... The First Lady of Ice and Fire - what's not to like? Raspy is one master who is certainly going to be doing a lot of the damage output for her crew, so adding Burning +1 to all of her attacks, on top of the Ice Gamin buff for Damage +1 turns a rather irritating min damage 1 into essentially min damage 3. Adding Burning can also help Raspy finish off those irritating Hard to Kill minions and free up another attack to use on a new target - as well as reducing your risk of handing over maximum points on Frame for Murder (as death from Burning doesn't count as being killed by anyone) against an enemy crew who already knows Raspy will be the one handing out most of the punishment.

Playing Against Arcane Effigy

As with all of the puppets and effigies, your best bet is probably minimum damage four. Or armor/hard to kill ignore. The good news about this effigy buff is the choice is in your control, it's not just saying you get burning, or you lose cards. Try to imagine what the best outcome for the enemy is and foil it. Do they have three gunsmiths poised and waiting with "The Hard Way" waiting on the edge of the lips? Discard the card.

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