Amina Naidu, Arcanist Henchman
"You were smart to call me. Now you just sit back, relax and let a professional take over." - Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad


The M&SU's lawyer, Amina Naidu focuses on debuffing and disrupting enemy models.


With only Wk 5 and no Cg, Amina isn't the most mobile model. That's okay, though, because she's far more interested in messing with the enemy's positions than her own!


Amina's offense is quite the mix, with a total of five different attack actions on her card.

Her most basic attack is her Collier Navy, a standard Sh attack with a decent range. The damage track is a bit low for a 9ss henchman, but that's okay, because Amina has far more up her sleeve than just a revolver...

Her Summons is a great way to pull enemy models out of position, with a decent range and Ca. Aside from breaking up synergistic auras or pulling enemy models into places advantageous to your crew such as into engagement with Toni Ironsides, it also has a nifty trigger that prevents the targeted enemy model from targeting models with fewer wounds than their Wd stat.
Amina Naidu.jpg

If Amina's engaged with an enemy model, she can use her Sharp Wit to apply the Slow conditon to them. On a tome, her "You Made That Word Up!" trigger can prevent the target from attacking any model other than Amina - which combos very well with the Liability trigger on her Summons if she's already wounded.

She also has two (0) actions. Her Mountain Of Paperwork is a decent way to deal damage, particularly if you can wait to activate Amina until your opponent has run out of control cards.

Her Missing Forms is a fantastic way to shut down enemy scheme runners, hampered only by its Rg 6. It can also combo into her Collier Navy with the "Eh, Why Fuss About?" trigger, giving Amina a strong degree of action economy.


Despite her low wound count, Amina has a few ways to stay in the game. Her Df and Wp are both above average, and her "According To The Injured Workers Act..." ability can be used against attacks targeting her. Since she can also add soulstones to your cache during the game with her "Actually, Our Claims Extend..." ability, she can often spend them for damage prevention flips without worrying about depleting the crew's cache too much.


Amina doesn't have a specific upgrade, so she's restricted to the general Arcanist upgrades. Given how many of her abilities rely on her discarding a card, Arcane Reservoir is a good choice if she's leading the crew.

Tactics and Tips

Amina's Summons attack works brilliantly alongside Toni Ironsides. Not only can it pull enemy models into range for Toni to activate and gain Adrenaline, but the Liability trigger combos superbly with Toni's Hand-Picked Men ability. Since all of Amina's actions are attack actions, and she can easily damage herself with "According To The Injured Worker's Act...", she'll also benefit from Hand-Picked Men herself.

It's also worth remembering that the Liability trigger just states 'models', meaning that it's a great way to shut down enemy models who rely on targeting their own crew for buffs or Obey-like actions.

If you have the cards or soulstones to pull it off, you can use Amina's triggers to combo from Mountain of Paperwork into Missing Forms into Collier Navy, all off of one (0) action! None of the triggers specify that the action has to target the same model, either.

Leading a Crew

Since Amina doesn't really like to do the heavy lifting herself, she works best with a few offensive models to deal damage for her and some to run schemes while she throws a proverbial legal spanner in the works of the enemy crew.

Strategies and Schemes

Amina works best at strategies like Squatter's Rights and Reconnoiter, where she can pull enemy models into disadvantageous positions. Any interact-heavy scheme pools will also suit her, since she can use her "Actually, Our Claims Extend..." to increase her cache as the game goes on.

Building a Crew

(What sort of minions might or might not work well with the Henchman, overall advice.

Playing Against Amina Naidu

Try to attack her early in the turn, before she can debuff your heavy hitters. Don't forget her Endless Bureaucracy, which makes targeting her with charges or actions like Flurry difficult.

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