Gathering Supplies


This is an intro page for beginners to help them gather the things they need to play this great game

What you need - The Absolute Basics

To play a game of Malifaux, all you need is the following;
  1. A Starter Crew Box for each player. This gives you a 20-30 (Malifaux 2E) soulstone crew, with stat cards and crew-specific Upgrade Cards. For some starter boxes, you might want to purchase an additional model or two (see the relevant Master entry for more information), but in most cases it's not essential and certainly not needed for learning the game.
  2. The Malifaux 2nd Edition Rulebook or Mini-Rulebook
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    This gives you the most up-to-date rules for the game and in the case of the full rulebook: the stats for all the Wave 1 models as well!
  3. A tape measure and some counters, dice or a pen/paper. The tape measure is essential to any tabletop wargame for measuring distances for movement, spells etc. Counters or dice are useful for recording your remaining soulstone cache, wounds on your models or other effects. Of course a pen and paper would work just fine as well.
  4. A Deck of Cards for each player. This just needs to be a standard 54 card poker deck, jokers included. Wyrd sells Fate Decks that most players use, although if you don't mind having to substitute the four suits in the game (Rams, Crows, Tomes and Masks) with your Poker Deck equivalent (Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds, respectively), then the Fate decks are not essential, but nice for your opponent to keep suits straight.
  5. [Optional] Faction Arsenal Deck. Arsenal decks contain the 2E cards for each faction's first wave of models. Optional, but a lot more convenient than flipping through the big book and great for keeping track of individual models.
  6. A 3'x3' board with terrain. Malifaux is a 30mm scale war-game played on a 3'x3' board. If you already have a board/terrain for another table-top war-game like Warhammer 40k or Warmachine, then you're fine - Malifaux is played at the same scale, but you'll want to have a look at one of the terrain guides,as you'll be using a lot more. If this is your first war-game or don't have a wargaming board, there are plenty of gaming stores and clubs around the world that supply tables with terrain for you to play on. And if all else fails, a dining room table with random books and other household items for terrain will do just fine.

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This is a great resource for new and veteran players alike, with issues containing Tactics, Painting Tutorials, Malifaux Fluff and more. Find every issue in the Downloadssection of the Malifaux website


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