Cosplay Round Up

Recently I've been seeing a bigger following of Malifaux players and fans dressing up as their favorite Masters and Minions. I thought i'd set up a page for these fans on the most informative Malifaux site around to showcase their outfits. Please add any photos of yourself or submit them to me at with the subject Malifaux and i'll throw them up for the rest of the world to admire.

Here is Joey of TheJoeyBerry as Rasputina.


Ebonstar of Socal Malifaux and The Ebonstar on Youtube dressed as Ramos gets friendly with Collete and Collodi.

A very lovely and dedicated fan showing off as Lady Justice.
Justice.jpgJustice 2.jpg

With Lady J around The Judge is never far behind.

Both are ready for whatever Malifaux has to throw at them.
Justice and Judge.jpg

Jakob Lynch readies himself with a different kind of quick draw, but a nearby Guild Austringer is ready for him.
Lynch.jpgLynch vs Austringer.jpg

Lucius prepares for a night on the town.

Seamus and three of his belles at Gen Con 2013.

Collodi at Gen Con 2012

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