Candy, the Petulant Youth, Neverborn Minion


Candy, the Petulant Youth, comes into play only when Pandora Manifests her Avatar form. She can either replace an existing Candy model, or come into play on her own but with fewer Wd.


Avatar Candy is fairly mobile, though nowhere near as fast as pre-Avatar Pandora. She has a decent Wk/Cg of 5/7 and a spell ("I Know What I'm Doing!", which requires a 7 or better of any suit to cast) that lets her push a little faster and ignore hazardous, severe, and water terrain as long as she ends up further away from Pandora. Note that she can move toward Pandora as long as she ends up further away in the end.

Note that because of Casting Expert, Avatar Candy can move more quickly than expected, by casting "I Know What I'm Doing!" an extra time. This can also get her out of melee combat, since it's a Push.


Avatar Candy's Sharps attack is a decent but not exceptional attack. With a combat of 5 mask, she'll hit often enough, and the damage spread is decent (1/3/5) and includes extra damage from built-in Poison 2. The attack has a trigger that requires Crows (the ominously named "Snip Snip!") which makes one basic melee weapon harder to use on the next activation. Note that since a duration is specified, this trigger is useful even against a model that has already acted this round.

She also has a fair attack spell, Unveil Guilt. It requires a 7 of any suit to cast, and does damage equal to two Damage Flips (that cannot be cheated) with a Bash Weapon: 0/1/2 twice. With a Ram card, the first flip does +2 Dg from the Shame trigger. For a low-cost spell with a range of 8, this could be useful, since it will probably do about 1-3 damage. Of course, this does more damage if used within the reach of Avatar Pandora's Emotional Trauma ability.

Candy's most powerful spell is probably Unnerving Presence. Requiring an 8 of any suit to cast, with no resistance, this spell forces enemy units to discard a Control Card before cheating fate if they're within 4 inches of Candy, Petulant Youth. This makes it much harder for enemy models to attack Candy, and furthermore makes it very difficult for them to resist her attacks or spells. It's an especially good way to soften up targets so that Pandora can hit them with Self-Destruction or other spells. Candy should plan to use this spell any time she expects more than two enemies within 4 inches.


Candy, the Petulant Youth, is very hard to hurt. She's got an exceptionally high Df of 7 Mask, which means that few attacks will hit her. Her Wp is similarly high, with a 6 that rising to 8 when she's the target of a Wp duel.

Candy also has an automatic Df trigger of Regret. When hit with Moderate or Severe damage, the attacker may not attack the model again.

Thanks to Irresistable, enemy models also have to win a Wp -> 12 duel to target her, and it can't be ignored by any Talent, so even Perdita will have to think twice about attacking her.

Possibly the best protection that Candy can get is the Unnerving Presence spell. This requires enemies to discard a Control Card to Cheat. This makes her Irresistable power very difficult to overcome for melee attackers, and even if they overcome it, they'll still have trouble Cheating on the attack. An attacker will have to plan to waste four Control Cards (two to Cheat the Willpower duel, two to Cheat the attack) if they want to be sure of a powerful attack against Candy, the Petulant Youth. Most attackers won't be willing to waste cards that much.

Candy splits up all damage with Avatar Pandora, which makes both of them very hard to hurt.

Candy also still has Martyr, so it will usually be handy to Link a Sorrow to her (especially because those Sorrows probably have Hard to Kill 1 from Pandora''s Mark of Insanity.)

Candy can heal herself with the Sweets ability, which is a (0) action that gives a Healing Flip. Because of Destinies Entwined, you can also heal Pandora at the same time. Since Candy and Avatar Pandora share Wd with each other, this effectively doubles the worth of each Healing flip.

Tips and Tricks

  • Cast Unnerving Presence if you expect that Candy will be near enemies. It's easy to cast, there's no resistance, and it makes it very difficult for other models to resist Candy's attacks, or Pandora's spells, or to attack Candy in melee.
  • Candy's Incite ability can force the other team to active units at the wrong time. If you don't need to heal with Sweets, it may be worth using.
  • If Avatar Pandora is not under threat, Candy can act as a launching point for Pandora's spells, and activate simultaneously with Avatar Pandora. Activate Candy first, move her into position with Wk or "I Know What I'm Doing", soften targets first, and then let Pandora launch attacks through Her Eyes.
  • Remember that a lot of Candy's abilities (including Incite) can cause a target a little damage if the target is within the range of Pandora's Emotional Trauma or an attached Sorrow's Emotional Stress.

Playing Against Candy, the Petulant Youth

Candy doesn't have a lot of offensive ability, but she can act as a launching point for Pandora's spells. Furthermore, she shares half of the damage she takes with Pandora. If you can't get to Pandora, you can hurt her through Candy.

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