Asami Tanaka, Ten Thunders Master


The Master of Oni, Asami is the Ten Thunders dedicated summoning Master. Playing somewhere between Misaki and Molly in both aggression and support, Asami tends to play aggressively and has many ways to support an aggressive strategy by both buffing her summons and increasing the value of each kill.


Having only an average Wk of 5 and a Cg of 6 Asami's AP is best spent doing something else. Fortunately she has several methods of not only moving herself around the board but both your and your opponent's crew in the form of Grasping Strands which can pull another model 8" away into base contact with Asami and push away 6" on a Ram trigger. This allows her to move her crew around while re-positioning herself. It can also allow Asami to pull a key opposing model out of position and into the waiting arms of your beaters.


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