Angel Eyes, Neverborn Henchman


Angel Eyes is the henchman found in the Malifaux Starter Set. angeleyes.png

Her main focus is on ranged attacks. While her ranged damage isn't the highest, what she lacks in damage output she makes up for in the number of accurate shots she can fire at targets engaged with other models.


Angel Eyes has a pretty standard Wk of 5 and a Cg of 7. Both her melee and main ranged attack however have the Hide In Shadow trigger, off a Mask. This gives her the ability to move 3" after succeeding with the attack.


Angel Eyes is most comfortable in ranged combat. Her These Eyes Miss Nothin' Ability allows her to shoot at models that are engaged without have to flip to randomize the target. Her main shooting, Snapshot Rifle, attack has a decent Rg of 14". The damage done by this attack is average at 2/3/4 but it comes with two triggers. A Mask trigger Hide In Shadow will allow her 3" of movement, while a Ram triggers Critical Strike, which adds +1 to her damage total for each Rams in the duel total. At Sh 6, she has a decent chance of hitting with this.

Her secondary ranged attack, Sidearm, has a significantly shorter Rg at just 6", but it costs 0 AP to use. This attack is just slightly less powerful than her rifle, dishing out 2/2/3.

If Angel Eyes happens to get caught up in melee she's not defenseless. She can use the Close Attack Teeth and Blackened Claws at a Rg of 1. Like her other attacks, this one also has an average chance of hitting with a Ml 6 and dealing 2/3/3 damage. This attack also will trigger Hide In Shadow off of a Mask.


Angel Eyes is a Nephilim and has the Black Blood ability, so anyone within an inch of her without Black Blood will suffer 1 damage every time she is damaged. She also benefits from killing models – every time she does so, she heals 2 points thanks to her On the Prowl Ability.


Strange Alliances

This is the one upgrade that comes with Angel Eyes in the Starter Box and it is restricted to her use only. This upgrade gives her the Arcane Shield Ability which lets her reduce any damage she suffers by 1 point as long as she has not Activated yet.

Tactics and Tips


Since Angel Eyes is a mercenary, she can be hired by other factions for just one soulstone more. Combined-arms style outcast lists get some great use out of her as she was born to hold the I Pay Better upgrade. Her sidearm means that her optimum range of operations is 6" behind whatever big rumble happens to be going on, meaning that the aura will likely extend to both your backfield shooters and your front line tanks and bruisers. Tally Sheet is excellent, as she loves nothing more than to pop enemies who are pinned down in combat and softened up by your melee. Oath Keeper can be used to lay down a devastating end-of-turn four shot barrage which is great for assassinate, murder protege and foiling things like bodyguard. Scout The Field is great for getting into position quickly and launching a surprise attack from behind a building, again with a barrage of shots.

Jack Daw works especially well with Ms. Eyes, as his pushes multiply the usefulness of any good shooting model by extricating them from combat and/or moving them into position. She also makes a great target for Twist and Turn. Just don't forget to make her tormented at the start of the game.

Leading a Crew

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Strategies and Schemes

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Building a Crew

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Playing Against Angel Eyes

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