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Ama No Zako, is a legend from an ancient Japanese text. She’s a demon goddess who has a frightful temper.
Unnecessary to know to play the model in malifaux, but very cool all the same. Ama No Zako is an expensive mercenary minion, with some decent melee and debuffing attacks.


Standard Wk/Cg, but fortunately has nimble letting her make a free walk (4") every turn.


The model doesn't have and melee action modifiers, which is a shame, but she has a trigger that lets him get a “free” attack. It’s only on masks, and her claws aren't paired, and the damage is not as good, so she probably won't be using it very often, as you’ll be using the teeth (The ones that heal) instead. However, I can think of two scenarios where you would use the claws, and if you get the trigger off, even better. One is if you move your nimble walk, and are not in 1″ melee for the teeth, so make a claws strike instead, because you need to attack twice for whatever reason (Armour, h2w, h2k etc), or you use nimble and a (1) to walk and are still not in 1″ for the teeth. I can’t help but think that whilst really good, her combat is only a perk, and not the main reason for bringing her, as other models do it better.


The red skinned anger demon has a Df of 5, not bad, not great, 10 wounds, and Hard To Wound 1. Hard To Wound should hopefully stop enemies getting straight flips on her, so they can’t cheat damage, but I think most crews would be able to take her down if they concentrated on it. Fortunately, she can heal wounds, fairly easily and quickly with her 3/5/7 claws. However, she can obviously only do this in her activation, so if she’s activated early to get her abilities off, she becomes quite vulnerable.

Tips and Tricks

Miasma Of Boils And Flies, a (0), requires a 10 of Rams, with no resists. Makes a 3″ aura from the model count as severe terrain, and enemies ending in that zone will take a wound, and Ama No Zako will heal one. I think this offers fairly versatile board control, good for defending an objective, (such as claim jump, treasure hunt, or an interact), or say a model the enemy is targeting for some reason that you want to keep alive.

Ama’s second ability is (1) Last Whisper, cast on a 9 of masks, with no resist, Non-master models dying within 4″ perform a WP-14 duel, and if they fail, Ama’s controller makes a (1) action with them, and they cannot take a further slow to die action.

I think this could be brutal under the right circumstances. Imagine a hoard of marionnettes, when one dies, Ama No Zako makes a melee strike at another, 2 damage is enough to kill one, so you have another strike, and the cycle continues. Might also be of added benefit against models with ranged weapons, assuming they’re not in combat, making a potshot at another model, or even a master. Finally, denying slow to die is also very good – No heal on an Executioner, for example, or denying friekorps or Necropunks slow to die also, meaning they can’t summon Killjoy.

Master-Specific Tips

Ama will work for any crew that can hire her, so pretty much everything other than dreamer, somer, henchmen, etc. She’s also a beast, so has synergy with Marcus, but I think she’s much better suited for certain missions than others. With terrifying 13 too, she gains a bit when played against living crews, so if you know what you’re playing, you can make a decent decision.

Minion-Specific Tips

(Any synergies/tricks with other minions worth mentioning, possibly also alternatives and why they're better/worse)

Playing Against [Minion]

Concentrate fire. If Ama lives, she will heal herself. Ranged attacks are best as she has some aura tricks that can be nasty against the right crews.

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