Zombie Chihuahua, Ressurectionists Totem (Dr. McMourning)
Dr McMourning's first successful non-human experiment, a stray chihuahua who Sebastian named "Dog". McMourning's improvements have increased its size and ferocity. Oddly, the dog's yapping bark did not deepen with its increase in size, giving it a macabre but comical appearance as it leaps to rip out throats. "Dog" has been trained to gather body parts for its mad Master.


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In game, the Zombie Chihuahua is able to get Corpse Counters over to Dr. McMourning, allowing the good doctor to stay focused on close combat. The Chihuahua can even be sacrificed for two Body Part Counters (such a good dog!).


"Dog" has the same Wk speed as Dr. McMourning, but an extra inch on the Cg. He does not have any abilities for extra movement.


With a very low Cb he won't hit much, but when a Crow is flipped its Rabies"will trigger and the defender will suffer -2 Wp for the rest of the game.


With no endurance abilities and low Defense, wounds, and Wp, this little guy is pretty easy to kill.

Magical Extension

With his Magical Extension the Chihuahua will usually be casting Wracked With Pain and then its other spell Fetch to give the Body Part Counters to McMourning.

Tips and Tricks

The Zombie Chihuahua is integral for getting the first turn Flesh Construct or Rogue Necromancy out. A more detailed explanation of how can be found under McMourning's Tips and Tricks Section

The Fetch spell can be used on enemy models. It only has a 2 Rg, but if you can get the pup into position near a Graverobber carrying a load of Corpses, it will be a nasty surprise for your opponent.

Playing Against Zombie Chihuahua

It's not that durable, it's not very dangerous in Melee Combat, and (with some exception) can be ignored. However, if you have a free shot to take it out, go for it. It offers decent support to its Master and removing it (despite how CUTE it may be) can slow down the meat harvest of McMourning.


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