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A generic totem, usable by just about every Master. As such, the Student can offer help to a wide range of crews


The Student of Conflict has average human movement. Unfortunately, his main use in a Crew is a ranged 3" (All) action meaning that he is either keeping up with the rest of the Crew or assisting.


The student has a reasonable Melee weapon in his Sword. He is not the best swordsman in the world, but he does at least have a respectable damage profile.


Nothing here to write about really. The defense stat is on the low end of average, and there is nothing else to help him out in surviving.

Magical Extension

His Ca is low and unsuited, so while he has Magical Extension, it isn't easy to get off most Master's spells.

Tips and Tricks

The value you place on the Student is entirely related to the value you place on gaining Fast. If you view it as half an activation for another Minion, then he might be cheap for 3 points if he is giving Taelor an extra attack. But this requires you to have a model close to him that you can take advantage of the assist with.

Models like Hans and Nino who stay in one place a lot and shoot from there, will be able to get Fast every turn. Models like Von Schill and Justice move around the board a lot more, and so are much less likely to be within 3 inches of the Student to gain Fast. Obviously, the more important and expensive the model gaining Fast, the better value you are getting from the Student. Joining him with a slow master like Ramos or Rasputina might get you 4 or 5 extra actions a turn from that Master, but only if they stay quite static.

Crews that have ways of moving him while he is still making the (All) action might get better use out of him, but you have to consider what you spent on moving him versus 1 extra action point.

The Combined Efforts spell means 1 model loses Insignificant until the start of its next activation. This is primarily used for objective completing on the last turn, as turning two Insignificant models Significant can make a huge swing for certain Schemes or Strategies. This could be invaluable against Hamelin.

Tips and Tricks with the Viktorias

The biggest drawback of the Student of Conflict is that to give Fast is an (All) action, so she tends to get left behind by the Viks who are usually up the battlefield dealing death and destruction by turn 2.

There is, however, a very nice synergy with the Freikorps Librarian. Keep the Student and the Librarian in the backfield (or somewhere on the table a little out of the way; this could be defending an objective) along with one of the Viks. Then use Sisters in Spirit to alternately send each Vik into the thick of the action, while healing both girls up to three times each turn, and granting one of them Fast each turn. This can also keep these two vulnerable models relatively safe, as anything attacking them will be within the threat range of both Viktorias.

Tips and Tricks with Kaeris

Kaeris can benefit greatly from the fast action. The aim is to get her and the student somewhere out of sight. The Student gives her fast, She moves into sight of her target, shoots, spreading the burning counters, then uses her casting expert to either hurt one target, or hinder lots of targets and then moving back behind cover ready to do it all again next turn.

Tips and Tricks with Rasputina

Rasputina and Snowstorm are probably the most reliable mass transit system in Malifaux.
A fast snowstorm on the first turn can move the whole crew 10". Once Rasputina is that close to the middle of the board she can probably not move for 2 or 3 turns whilst she uses her ice mirrors to target models all around the board. So for those turns she can use the Fast action to get another decembers curse a turn.

Tips and Tricks with [other Master]

Any applicable tips, tricks or spells used with this master. (NOTE: Add any masters/henchmen as needed, or if a master never takes this totem simply don't include an entry for him/her or state so and why.)

Playing Against Student of Conflict

What you need to consider is how much of a bonus the Student can give to the opposing Crew. If the Crew is going to have to move a lot, then you possibly don't need to worry about it. Just remember that it can make any of the models close to it Fast, and that it can make models Significant. If you judge it a large threat, then most things can kill it if they want.


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