Seishin, Resurrectionist Minion
Semi transparent wisps of energy, Kirai employs (enslaves) these lesser spirits as messengers and as a spiritual shield.

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Seishin only form in the presence of Kirai, and thus are exclusively in her service. They are cheap at 2-stones each, and cheaper still in that every spirit, undead and living model that dies within 8" of Kirai produces one of these wisps in her service (meaning a new one appears for almost every death that occurs). They don't offer much beyond protecting their master, and acting as fodder to be evolved by Kirai into something far more powerful


With only a Wk of 4", the Seishin don't go anywhere fast. However, as a new one appears with each death occuring within 8" of Kirai, they do tend to appear all over the place.

They also can be pushed towards Ikiryo, moving 4" which can add to their momentum. But otherwise the Seishin drift across the field, seeking to keep pace with their master and/or secure objectives.

Another way to use Seishin is that at the end of any models activation (friend or foe) if they are not in base contact with a friendly Kirai, they can be moved into base contact with Kirai. This can be useful if all of a sudden you find Kirai without a screen of Seishin; or if you combine it with Swirling Spirits to get a more valuable minion away from impending doom you will have a chance to get the Seishin out of harms way (although that depends on taking a Disengaging Strike first so don't count on it always!).


Seishin don't even have an attack (meaning they can default to using Bash which every model has). However, it is unlikely this will occur. They are a support role and desire to be used as such.


With their DF at the average score of 4, and only 2 Wd's, Seishin usually disperse with the most pathetic of attacks. Their deaths don't even trigger Kirai's Spirit Anchor due to them having a Fragile Connection, unless Kirai employs her Seishin Beacon (which allows her to place a new Seishin into play when one dies near her, provided she is generous enough to expend 1 Wound to do so).

A Seishin can also sacrifice itself (which is permanent - not even Seishin Beacon and Spirit Anchor can revive a self-sacrificing Seishin) to give all other Seishin and Kirai within 3" of itself an immunity to all AoE for one turn. They are able to employ this at the start of ANY model's activation, so if used on the turn an enemy model with damaging AoE effects is used, you can feel quite safe from it (for now).

Tips and Tricks

Seishin may seem quite useless, but they are quite potent as a support role if used right. They are cheap and for 10-pts you can have 5 of them on the field (Maximum of 5 allowed in Scraps; though you can field 10 if running a Brawl).

You can only have 5 Seishin on the field during a Scrap (and only 10 during a Brawl), so if maxed out look to have Kirai evolve her Seishin into something nastier. Gaki and Onryo are not Rare so you can feild as many of these as possible.

In the early turns, use your numbers to your advantage. On you turn, activate your "Seishin" first. They are expendable and their activations will buy you time as your opponent activates their forces. After your opponent has no more models to activate, you will still have choices and can then act freely knowing they won't respond to your actions.

Seishin have "Sooth Spirit" which is their only (0) action available. Unfortunately the use of this causes the Seishin to sacrfice itself, meaning the Seishin will vanish. Use sparingly, but don't forget it. The loss of a 2-stone minion can be worth healing a more powerful Spirit (such as Ikiryo, or Kirai after she has gone "Into the Spirit World").

Seishin give Kirai a good defense as she may re-direct any attack targeting her to a Seishin in base-contact with her. Due to their Fragile Connection they won't return via Kirai's "Spirit Anchor" - unless Kirai has predicted being attacked and used "(0) Seishin Beacon" which removes this limit and allows any Seishin that is killed to be return immediately (costing Kirai 1 Wd to do so however - so be cautious in keeping your Seishin alive).

Seishin can also be sacrificed at the beginning of ANY model's activation (though it must be as soon as the model is activated and prior it taking action) to give Kirai and all Seishin within 3" to become immune to damage caused by AoE's.

Master-Specific Tips

Seishin only work with Kirai and she employs them for a number of purposes:

Spirit Sheathe is part of Kirai's defense. Any attack she would take, she can reassign to a Seishin in base-contact with her. Keep the Seishin near her as best you can to keep her alive.

Seishin are great fodder for Kirai to use Evolve Spirit. Use activated Seishin for this (they won't be doing anything more that turn afterall). The replacement created will be far deadlier than its predecessor. Don't Evolve all of them however - you should always keep some Seishin near Kirai to use as a shield.

Any spirit that has Evolved from a Seishin no longer suffers from Fragile Connection. If they are killed within 8" of Kirai, they will produce a Seishin. Always a good thing to remember.

Minion-Specific Tips

(As with Master-Specific Tips, going into any specific Synergies with other Minions.)

Playing Against Seishin

Threat level, how to kill/neutralise it, what to watch out for etc.

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