Sebastian, Resurrectionist Minion


Sebastian is Doctor McMourning's ever faithful assistant and one of his master's first test subjects. He may be a little slow (physically and mentally) but once he gets close, and his buzz saw starts working, limbs will be flying everywhere.


Sebastian is human and not very fast. He has no movement tricks, so will usually have to rely on the enemy coming to him (something like the Rotten Belle's Lure spell can help). He does have melee expert though so has a threat range of 9" if you double walk (8" - Range of 1")and then use your melee expert AP to attack which isn't too rubbish.


Sebastian is a capable melee fighter that can either focus on hitting one opponent heavily or getting into the thick of it and causing mass carnage. The damage dealt by Sebastian's Bone saw rivals Lady Justice, Lilith and the Viktorias - the only thing letting Sebastian down in his slow speed and his Cb of 5. Decent for a minion but if you really want to ensure the hurt you will often cheat to hit anyone with above average Df. He has the same trigger as McMourning, "A Piece for Me", which helps him gain +1 body part whenever he causes damage with his bone saw but he does not have the suit requirement built in like McMourning.

As previously mentioned Sebastian is a melee expert so he can try and get the most out of his bone saw and its impressive damage output.

Sebastian also has a pretty brutal (1) spell called Bloody Harvest which inflicts 4Dg on anyone within its 3" pulse range. This is great if in the middle of a whole lot of grunts and need to wipe them out. It does need a 9+ of any suit to cast so it is a little hard to use, but as Sebastian's Ca and Cb are identical he is no better or worse off for trying to use this spell over his normal melee attack when the opportunity presents itself.


9 Wounds, a moderate Df (higher than you would expect from looking at him) and Hard to Wound 1; Sebastian will hang around for a little but attacks with a high weak Dg will cause him grief. He does have (1) Surgeon available to him which lets him heal himself or another living or undead model within 2" and LoS at the cost of 1 body part but it does slow him down further.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to cause mass carnage, walk into a group of models fire off Bloody Harvest, then pick on one with your melee expert strike to finish them off.

With his (0) "Here Boy!" Sebastian can work a decent 'alpha strike' with a bunch of Canine Remains and they can act as a bit of a meat shield and also help some of his attacks connect easier using "Hunting Dogs".

Sebastian can also sacrifice 2 body parts and summon a new Canine Remains but it does need a moderate crow to be successful and is often only useful when you have other Canine Remains on the board and you want them be significant.

Bloody Harvest a bunch of Canine Remains and then collect all the corpses and hand them off to McMourning with For You Master, and then summon away. Its not the most efficient us of models (see McMourning's entry for better ways to summon by killing your own minions) but its easy and reliable. If you Bloody Harvest 4 Canine remains (8ss) you will net 8 body parts which you can then hand off to McMourning who can summon a Rogue Necromancy (hire cost is 10ss) so a 2ss discount but at the cost of 4 models plus part of another's activation.

Master-Specific Tips

Sebastian synergizes well with McMourning (given the whole "I gain body parts and no corpse counters" deal).

Minion-Specific Tips

(As with Master-Specific Tips, going into any specific Synergies with other Minions.)

Playing Against Sebastian

Sebastian is slow and can't attack at range. Provided you keep your distance, he'll likely drop before he even gets his saw started.

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