Rogue Necromancy, Resurrectionist Minion


A powerful but expensive model. Rogue Necromancy is most often seen summoned rather than Hired.


The Rogue Necromancer has a very good Wk/Cg of 5/9.

It also has two notable mobility tricks: Smell Fear (a (0) Action that allows a Charge when an enemy falls back), and Stalker, which gives an extra 6" push if the Rogue Necromancy has cover from all enemy models.


The Rogue Necromancy has a nasty Claws attack with Cb 7 paired, and a less accurate but more paintful Fangs attack, with Cb 5 crows and Poison 2, with the Rot trigger. Both do about the same amount of damage. The Rogue Necromancy gets 2 additional melee Strikes when it's relatively unwounded, thanks to Three Headed.

The Rogue Necromancy also has a nasty spell that does 3/3(blast)/4(blast) damage with a 12" range.

And it can make living and Undead models fall back with (2) True Form, though its Ca isn't enough to make this succeed often.


The Rogue Necromancy is Hard to Wound 1 and has Wd 10. It's got a Df 4 and Wp 5. For a model with so much offensive potential, it's pretty easy to hurt.

Tips and Tricks

Don't buy it - Summon it! Late in the game, the Rogue Necromancy can do terrible harm and significant objective-grabbing if Summoned.

Master-Specific Tips

The Rogue Necromancy is most often found summoned by McMourning. Nicodem can summon it too, and Molly may want to hire it since it's one of the few things she can hire.

Minion-Specific Tips

No special synergies.

Playing Against Rogue Necromancy

It's a very threatening model, but not very defensive. The Rogue Necromancy makes a good target for ranged attacks.

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