Pigapult, Outcast Minion


A super-long range, very slow long-distance weapon. The Pigapult can launch Gremlins and Pigs across the board with tremendous potential. It uses pigs as ammunition.


The Pigapult itself has a miserable mobility. Don't plan on moving it around.

However, it can contribute a tremendous (if unstable) mobility to other models. As a (1) action (by the Pigapult, or by a Piglet), you can toss a model up to 24". It may not survive the trip, but if it does, you've probably solved any mobility problems you might have.


The Pigapult's weapon has a massive ridiculous reach of 24" and ignores LOS and cover. It's got a pretty decent damage spread, and a lot of Blast Counters. You can (and should) leave it in your Deployment Zone and hit enemy models from across the board with it.

Firing the Pigapult is expensive. You need to sacrifice a Piglet or Stuffed Piglet to use the weapon -- note that with one Piglet sacrificed, you can use the Pigapult throughout the activation, though. That's two attacks, or three attacks if you use Reckless. You probably should use Reckless if you're going to use your Ranged Weapon.

A Stuffed Piglet makes the attack even more dangerous, increasing both damage and Blast counters. If you're going to use a Pigapult, you probably want a Gremlin Taxidermist and a full contingent of Stuffed Piglets too. Remember that if you use the Stuffed Piglet, it can cause damage to nearby models when sacrificed. Keep it near your Pigapult, but away from other models.

Make sure you know what your targets are before you start shooting. Each round of shooting basically costs you a 3 Soulstone model, so it's usually not worth firing unless you know you've got a low-Df target that you can hit. It's even better if that target has other enemy models nearby to hurt too.


The Pigapult is pretty resistant to damage, but it can't get away or make counterattacks, so typically you need other models nearby to defend it if enemy attacks get close. While it has a Df 1, it's got a massive (and somewhat unexplained) Wp 10 and Object 5. It takes a while to smash the thing up. Still, a committed attacker who gets into your Deployment Zone can probably smash the thing in a round or two if it's undefended.

Keep the Pigapult behind a lot of cover in your Deployment Zone, and keep a tough model or two nearby if the enemy comes around.

Friendly Gremlins nearby can take actions to heal the Pigapult. This is sometimes worth it to preserve the Pigapult's ability to use (+1) Reckless.

Tips and Tricks

The Pigapult can also be used to launch friendly Ht 1 models up to 24" away. There are some extremely potent tricks you can use with this. Note that when you launch a model, it must make a Df->11 flip or die immediately, and you can't Cheat the Flip, so using it is risky. One clever trick with this is to launch Ophelia, who can use a Soulstone to help with the flip if she gets unlucky. Still, even with Ophelia, any time someone takes a launch on the Pigapult, there's a chance they'll die.

Some favorite tricks:
  • Launch Pere Ravage across the board into the middle of enemies. If he dies, it's still an explosion. If he lives, used a Stuffed Piglet and attack Pere Ravage, dropping the Blast damage on your enemies. You can cause a tremendous amount of damage without ever targeting your enemies this way, both from the Blast Tokens and Pere Ravage's death. It's expensive (since you need to hire the Pigapult, Pere Ravage, a Gremlin Taxidermist, and probably a Stuffed Piglet), but if you can pull it off, it can be a game-winner.
  • Launch Ophelia toward an objective, and have her Soulstone to survive the ride if needed. Then activate Ophelia and have her finish the objective.
  • Launch a Bayou Gremlin toward an objective, and if the Gremlin won't survive, just launch another.
  • Launch Piglets into the middle of enemies and let the Stampede take care of the rest.

Consider the following suggestions for pacing when you're using the Pigapult:
  • Leave it sitting around on Round One and maybe Round Two, waiting for the enemy to get into range.
  • Launch some Stuffed Piglets (or Pere Ravage) into clusters of enemies on Round Three and Round Four, to kill lots of enemy models. Maybe even Round Two if the enemy is fast.
  • Shoot Ophelia or expendible Gremlins toward Objectives on Round Five and Round Six, to get some VP.

Keep in mind, though: You need to keep the Pigapult well-defended and well-stocked with Pigs, or it's not worth the Soulstones.

Master-Specific Tips

The Pigapult is almost exclusively a Som'er Teeth Jones model. It's a Gremlin and works well with the fast-moving, all-models-are-expendable overall Gremlin strategy.

Ophelia Lacroix can also hire the Pigapult, but she doesn't get much value from it, since she can't hire Piglets to launch. There's an awkward and expensive way around this: Ophelia can hire the Gremlin Taxidermist, who can make more Stuffed Piglets out of Corpse Counters. Combined with a few Bayou Gremlins to turn into Corpse Counters, this has some potential chance to work, but it's far from a sure thing and may not be worth the cost.

Minion-Specific Tips

The Pigapult needs Stuffed Piglets (and therefore a Gremlin Taxidermist) to operate at fully efficiency. You can use Piglets if you don't have the Taxidermist, but they don't cause as much damage or blasts.

Playing Against Pigapult

Expect that the Pigapult will probably be able to hit you anywhere on the board but your Deployment Zone. Avoid clustering up if possible. Send a fast model out to kill it -- it's not hard to kill if you're persistent.

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