Onryo, Resurrectionist Minion
"Silent specters, each trapped in their own personal hell, the faces of the Onryo writhe in unending torment hidden behind perfect alabaster masks. They take no joy in killing - it serves only as a distraction for their damnation filled mind."

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Though Summoned by Kirai, the Onryo are not exclusively hers. Savage in melee, and with spells that make them immune to being targeted by specific models, they provide decent offensive power while offering some control to the field.


The movement of an Onryo is fairly average (Walk 4", Charge 6") however as they are spirits they ignore all terrain penalties for movement and can even pass through large terrain (buildings/ walls) and models, which does give them some more flexibility.


The Razor Sharp Fingernails of an Onryo are a terrible thing to suffer. Due to their "spirtual" nature, these talons ignore Armor and can opt to target the victims flesh or to rake at their very soul itself (i.e.: an Onryo can choose to use its victims Df or Wp in contest to the Cb of its attack). Should the attack flip or cheat a Crow card when attacking, +2 additional cards are flipped when determining damage - maximizing the chances of dealing moderate or severe damage (the nails deliver damage of 2/3/5).

In addition to their claws, Onryo are also able to attack at range with their Malevolence. A range of 10, requiring a 7+ card to cast (no suit required) targets the victims Wp, and if flipped or cheated with a Tome it flips an additional +2 Cards when determining damage (this spell deals 2/3/5 wounds). It's very much a ranged version of Razor Sharp Fingernails with the exception it only targets Wp and cannot target Spirits (non-Spirits only). As it uses Tomes instead of Crows to maximize damage, it increases the flexibility of the damage dealing an Onryo delivers.

Should a foe be immune to Willpower Duels, an Onryo can overcome that by giving the target the Mark of the Jigoku. This spell costs a 7+ card (any suit) to use at a target within 12". Not only does it cancel their Immunity to Willpower Duels, it also removes any bonus it would gain to Willpower Duels. This can open up a number of ways to attack opponents who considered themselves safe from psychological influence.


Onryo have some durability but nothing grand (Df 3, Wd 6). Don't forget that they are a Spirit and all damage they take from non-magic sources is halved (rounded up) so you can consider them having a Wd score closer to 12, which does make them far more impressive. Stats are not everything however, and due to their abilities Onryo are very unappealing targets to face as seeking to harm them often results in unwanted repercussions.

Most opponents will choose to face an Onryo in melee due to their Immediate Revenge 1 which deals 1 Wound to any fool who inflicts Dg to the Onryo with a ranged attack. Should a foe choose to attack an Onryo in Melee however, it will usually put them within 6" on the Onryo. Killing an Onryo while in this zone is also unadvised as once an Onryo is killed they will seek to Haunt a nearby foe (i.e.: one model within 6" of a killed Onryo must succeed a Wp -> Wp test or suffer from Slow for the rest of the encounter).

These are only deterrents however. If a Onryo can be killed outright with an attack some opponents will accept taking 1 Wound or risking becoming Slow if it means removing one of these miserable monsters. Indeed, if a model is already haunted by an Onryo (suffering Slow), they won't be concerned about killing another.

Should an Onryo feel threatened, they do have a spell to protect themselves and their other spirit allies. Making an enemy Blind to Spirits is almost self-explanatory; the target ignores all Spirits save those it is in Melee Range with, though it cannot charge a Spirit while affected. This doesn't just protect the Onryo that cast it, but ALL spirits on the board (friend and foe) meaning should your opponent be fielding any Spirits - this can prevent a target affecting their own allies. This is the main control factor an Onryo provides, and can lock out dangerous targets from attacking anything.

Tips and Tricks

Onryo are decent at both range and in Melee. Consider the cards in hand when choosing how to attack. If you have Crows, go for Melee. If you have Tomes, go for Range.

Deal with Slow foes at Range if possible. If they shoot you, they will suffer 1 Wound (Immediate Revenge) and with only 1AP per activation, they won't be able to keep up with you as you keep your distance and attack from afar. A game of attrition can be very damaging for an opponent.

Haunt does not need to be cast on the model that Killed the Onryo. It simply targets a foe within 6" of the Onryo's death. Choose a victim that will suffer the most from losing 1 AP each activation.

Blind to Spirits is a powerful defensive spell, especially if the Onryo is in a Spirit-heavy Crew (such as one led by Kirai). If you can successfully cast this early in a round, you will be preventing a target from attacking all Onryo for the rest of the round - as well as any other Spirits you have. It does not protect spirits in Melee range of the victim so avoid casting it on a target already in Melee range, or one that can get into Melee Range easily.

Blind to Spirits does not counter LoS which is great! Just because the victim cannot target a spirit doesn't mean they ignore them and see past them. Use this to maximize the defense of your Non-Spirit forces (place Spirits in front of your non-spirit forces to obstruct LoS, and you will have gained immunity for a round from the spell's victim).
(errata'd - Spirits do not block LoS: erratapage 2 top left)

Master-Specific Tips


Onryo work great for Kirai (she can summon them by evolving/ sacrificing Seishin or other spirits). Being a Spirit-heavy army, Blind to Spirits makes her army very difficult to deal with at range. This can provide Kirai's crew with cover as they move up the field, before engaging in Melee (where they like to be).

Use Onryo as shock troops. In death they can haunt their foes, and it becomes quite easy to deal with a crew that has all become Slow. Furthermore, if Kirai is near her Onryo when they die, they produce Seishin which can be later evolved back into Onryo.


Onryo can be used in a Seamus crew to help negate resistance to Wp duels using Mark of the Jigoku, allowing him more options against many of the crews from book 2, in addition to adding another terrifying model on the board and providing some synergy with The Hanged.

Minion-Specific Tips

(As with Master-Specific Tips, going into any specific Synergies with other Minions.)

Playing Against Onryo

Threat level, how to kill/neutralise it, what to watch out for etc.

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