Nurse, Resurrectionist Minion
"Beauty is only skin deep, and this is ever so true with the Nurses of the Malifaux morgue. Wearing the skin of their victims is both an effort to maintain an aura of beauty, and a reflection of their own insanity. Regardless, ever good doctor needs a good assistant and these ladies are loyal to a fault. They know not to question their master and do as instructed (there are lives are on the line! Stat!)."

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Nurses offer some great synergy with your minions, giving them booster shots of who knows what to produce incredible results, acting as medics in performing field surgery to keep your big brutes alive, or gracefully (menacingly) trotting up the battlefield in their stiletto heels with a manner that many may notice but ignore - right until the lady is by their bedside and driving a syringe into their arm before lulling them into a permanent and blissful sleep. Hey, if you're going to go - at least the view was nice on the way out (nighty night).

With the release of Twisted Fates and the Avatars, Nurse have become VERY effective for helping their Resurectionist Master/s go into their Avatar state/s as early as turn 2.


Nurses aren't meant to travel in high heels, but lord does it ever make their bodies curve in all the right ways! With a walk of 4" with no charge and no special movement abilities, the medical assistants aren't made for traveling anywhere quickly. Fortunately, as few people target them until they act out (appearing "Helpless" and all), most Nurses will spend their turns walking double to keep up with their master - meaning in the early part of the game they will move 8" each turn.


Regardless of how well it hits, the Nurse's needle will only ever do 1-damage on its own. However it comes with a pair of triggers, both activated with a Crow Flip/Cheat when dealing damage, that can make up for the "tiny-prick" (size doesn't count if you know how to use it).

"Lethal Injection" turns the simple thrust of a needle into a dangerous cocktail; turning its damage dealing into 1/3/6. A severe jab of this can kill many minions, and severely injure many masters. Alternatively "Sedate" won't improve the damage dealing, but it will "Slow" the victim for a turn and reduce their effectiveness.

"(1) Life Support" is a bit of a tricky "auto-kill" to use as unlike other "autokill" techniques it is worded that its victim will only die at the end of their NEXT activation unless their controller discards 2 Cards or 2 Soulstones (and unlike most Autokills, the minion does not need to have "Use Soulstones" to discard them and survive). Even so, an Auto-kill is dangerous and, if employable, it should be used.


Nurses are a little bit more durable than most minions (6 WD's) but are otherwise human when it comes to evading damage (DF 4). They compensate for this by seemingly "Harmless" which allows them to cross the field and get right up to a person before injecting them with their own choice of medicinal cocktail.

Tips and Tricks

Once your Master has achieved at least 1 of their 2 Manifest requirements, have your Nurse inject them with a Massive Dose of Speed. They can spend their Reactivation performing their Manifest action, removing the aftereffect of being killed in the closning phase, and upgrading into their more powerful selves earlier.

Stay "Harmless" as long possible. Once a Nurse makes an action (other than walking or passing) the enemy will be onto you and the Nurses won't last long. Double walk in the early game to get them where you want until you feel ready to put them them to use.

Once a Nurse has revealed their true nature, put their (0) actions to use to protect their master and/or their creations. "(0) Attendant" will reduce the damage the model takes from Ranged attacks, while "(0) Beside Manner" will increase their DF by +2 for the sake of defending against Melee attacks. Both affect all models in Base-Contact with the nurse, so get her close and cuddly to share the love around.

If a Nurse starts her activation within 2" of three different enemies, use "Furious Casting" and put them all on "Life Support" (or, if one injection fails, reattempt it). You opponent will be forced to discard their whole hand of cards to keep the victims alive, or let them all die.

If the Nurse starts Base-to-Base contact with a friendly model that has already activated, consider using "Furious Casting" to administer one of each dose of "Massive Dose" to the target. Be mindful of the order of doses you administer. You want to make sure "Pain Killers" are used last, if used at all (you don't want to use them on a target if they have successfully been dosed with "Speed" and not yet activated as you are effectively canceling out the "Speed" benefit). This will sadly kill the target but they will be a brute before dropping dead.

It is possible to stack the effects of Massive Dose on a target as long as each is a different named effect (i.e. Speed & Stimulant or Painkillers & Stimulants). Massive Dose does not allow you to stack the same named effect on a target model (i.e. a model cannot benefit from Stimulant more than once).

"Furious Casting" "Massive Dose" doesn't have to cast on just one target. If there are x3 friendly models within 2" of the nurse, she can 'reactivate' all of them by giving each a boost of "Speed".

All of "Massive Dose's" effects kill the subject PROVIDED they suffer the effects. If the casting of the spell does not work, the subject will not die (and can be subject to further injection later).

A Nurse may use "Massive Dose" to use "Speed"on herself. It will kill her (work herself to death... undeath...) but it can give you the chance to use "Furious Casting" and administer 5-doses or 5 lethal injections by doing the following:
  • Nurse activates and uses "Furious Casting"
  • She doses herself with "Speed", letting her reactivate.
  • She does x2 more casting-actions
  • She reactivates, and re-casts "Furious Casting"
  • She administers x3 more casting actions (she cannot re-use Speed as no model can be 'Reactivated more than once per turn).
  • Nurse dies during the Closing Phase.

Don't employ the Nurses for melee strikes, their CB of 4 is average, but do not ignore their power in doing so. A "Lethal Injection" is one of the most powerful Severe attacks in the game provided it deals damage.

Do not underestimate "Sedate" and only use "Lethal Injections". Reducing a target's AP by -1 will halve the model's effectiveness for the next action. It may even be wise to apply this anesthetic to the victim first, so that they then don't struggle and fight you off too much while you administer a "Lethal Injection" the following round.

"Lifesupport" technically has a range of 6" (4" for the Nurse walking, 2" for the spell). Try to use it on an enemy that hasn't yet activated this turn as you will make things tricky for your opponent; more so if they've already used up their hand of cards (meaning the model is technically already dead - with only seconds left to live).

Should a Nurse be in Melee already, "Lifesupport" plus "Sedate" is a nasty cocktail to deliver. Giving the victim only one action to take will mean they won't be able to do much in a suicide run, but to keep them alive will still cost 2 Cards or 2 Soulstones. Making these hard "life-death" decisions is what the nurses are all about.

Using "Surgery" is tricky as the Nurse can do nothing else that turn, meaning the paitent needs to come to them (meaning they will activate, and need risk the opponent having an activation that could kill the patient before they get fixed up). If "Surgery" is successful (and make sure it is as the Patient and nurse will both suffer from "Slow" regardless if it succeeds or fails), you can effectively renew a model to full health. Seamus loves this as his 3-AP will get him to a Nurse quite quickly, and he won't be affected to much by the Anasthetic ("Slow" negated by his "Fast"). The opponent will also be fuming - seeing Seamus regain his full 12 Wounds after all the effort that was put in to reduce him down to 1!

external image img4de408c57ff56.jpgMaster-Specific Tips

Nurses work quite well with all Resurrectionist Masters.

Minion-Specific Tips

(As with Master-Specific Tips, going into any specific Synergies with other Minions.)

Playing Against Nurses

Nurses are slow, so there is good chance you will be able to keep out of their way in the early game. However, be cautious if they are getting close (and if they are coming for you, that 8" of a double walk can quickly close the gap on you).

"Harmless" is going to be your biggest hurdle to overcome when dealing with Nurses. Use high WP models or Terrifying models (they ignore "Harmless") to bypass the Nurse's main defense.

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