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A cheap arcanist minion that can be very good at taking little damage. Its not fast but it is very hard to stop a determined moleman getting to where it wants, and it can take a lot of effort to shift it from that spot.


Molemen are not fast, but if they go tunnelling then they are able to travel through impassable terrain and other people.


They have two different melee attacks, and as is often the way, the shorter ranged Dirt encrusted claw melee attack is easier to hit with, but does less damage than the Claw rake. It also has the ability in which if you hit a model with two dirt encrusted claw attacks you get a free claw rake, so if you are going for an entire turn of hitting something it can be worth going with the weaker attack to get a free third attack.
They are also able to ignore abilities that would normally force them to take duels to attack.


It is possible to get your moleman to armour 9. Unfortunately they only have a few wounds, so can still be killed relatively easy. Things which ignore armour are very bad for them.

Tips and Tricks

My general advice is for the first few turns try and cast Tunnelling. Its a Zero action so it won't slow them down, but grants a total armour of 6 to the moleman. It has two limitations, firstly its lost if you do any action other than walk or pass, and secondly you are insignifigant whilst you are tunneling.
Once to have reached the place you want the moleman to be (often camping on an objective) it can Dig in. This is its other 0 action which gives it +3 armour. This is lost if the model moves from this spot. After you have dug in, you can tunnel again without losing the Dug in, for that total armour 9, but this will have probably have to be recast each turn if you do anything else, and also carries the risk of you being insignificant.
The moleman doesn't need line of sight to charge, but declaring the charge will remove Tunnelling from the moleman so it will no longer be able to pass through impassable terrain or other models.

Master-Specific Tips

If you can get the fight to occur near a Moleman, then they are a great target for Marcus' defend me trigger, but they do not have the speed to keep up with him normally.

Molemen have similar speed to Rasputina's usual crew and fit in very nicely especially as targets (not mirrors) for December's Curse. Sitting a moleman in the middle of the field with his armour up high, Rasputina can target him with the Curse and cheat his defense down getting a Severe and sending lots of lovely blast damage onto nearby enemies and the moleman will be taking one or two damage a time. Surely enough to dispense with most units in a standard game.

Minion-Specific Tips

(As with Master-Specific Tips, going into any specific Synergies with other Minions.)

Playing Against Molemen

The moleman can be easily killed either by models that ignore armour, or models that do lots of attacks no matter how weak they are as armour only reduces damage to a minimum of 1. Models with a high damage output are often wasted attacking molemen

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