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Misaki is another solid Mercenary beatstick available to the Outcasts. Some consider Misaki to be a Bishop-lite - almost as versatile as Bishop but a lot cheaper. She is something of a glass cannon with great damage output, but not as durable as Taelor or even Bishop. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense though.


Her Wk/Cg is above average which is nice, but she won't be going faster than that. However her spell (1) Earth, when successfully cast, lets Misaki ignore the penalties for severe terrain (e.g. Lava damage) and even move through impassable terrain as though it were open ground! This can make her quite swift.


Misaki is a decent fighter. Her CB is on the lower-high end meaning she hits most of what she attacks. She is also a (+1) Melee Expert which is straightforward in its application (if in Melee, Misaki may make +1 additional melee strike).

Misaki has only one trigger, Ten Thunders Strike, which activates when she flips or cheats a Ram to hit her target. It increase her damage flip by +1-card, improving the chances she will deal Moderate-Severe damage to her target. Its circumstantial, not game-changing, but shouldn't be overlooked as it can mean the difference between delivering a flesh wound (2 damage) to a fatal injury (6 damage).

Misaki also has a trio of (0) spells, each of which offers her a notable advantage for attacking. However, since they are (0) Spells, Misaki can only use one of these per activation. Her options are:
  • Wind (5+ Mask Suit) this increases the melee reach of Misaki to 6" - useful for getting those 'hard-to-reach' enemies as it improves Misaki's Charge-Threat range to 13". Note that, because it only lasts for Misaki's turn, this can't be used to suppress a big field of ranged combatants.
  • Fire (7+ Tome Suit) improves Misaki's melee damage to to 4/6/8! Useful for executing single-tough enemies.
  • Thunder (8+ Ram Suit) gives the Bisento Dg blast templates. Great for softening up clusters of enemies or eradicating hordes of minor minions.

Though it doesn't come up a lot, Misaki's melee weapon is Magical. This makes her excellent for hunting spirits as her attacks will deal full-damage to them.


Her DF is above average (similar to Taelor and the Ronin) and 7 Wounds make her able to take some hits, but she won't survive much punishment. Her Wp ties Pandora's, which is quite impressive, making her a fairly valuable force to deal with the 'mind freak'.

One advantage is Misaki's Foresight ability, which lets her or her opponent to re-flip their fate card IF Misaki's fate card is the same or -1 lower than the opponent's orginally flipped fate card. This can give her some extra leverage in mental duels.

Tips and Tricks

Don't forget about Ten Thunders Strike but don't seek to cheat employ it. Should your deck be lucky and grant you an extra +1 damage flip, take it.

Misaki's trio of weapon-powering spells each use a different suit and have different costs to cast. Typically you should be able to cast one of the three spells with your cards in hand each turn, and ideally you want the spell that works best for your situation. Use Wind to attack targets at range, Fire to execute a single model, and Thunder to damage multiple enemies. Ideally you want to employ the latter two more than the first.

Should Misaki reactivate (for any reason) and has previously used Fire or Thunderon her Bisento, its effects will remain active during her second activation (only Wind ends at the end of her activation; the other two last till the closing phase). Being able to deal 4/6/8 to multiple enemies with a Blast attack can demolish whole crews - especially as Misaki will usually get to take 2-Melee actions per activation.

Foresight again should not be forgotten nor relied upon. Pay attention to the two cards flipped (yours and your opponent) and if the circumstances allow for a reflip, and doing so is in your advantage, do so.

Master-Specific Tips

Being a mercinary, Misaki can work with anyone. She doesn't offer much synergy to any Master, but she does offer great annoyance to some of the Masters she may face:

Kirai despises this woman. Her weapon is magical meaning her spirits die twice as fast to the attacks of the Bisento, and given it can reach to 6" with Wind its possible for Misaki to attack Kirai even when surrounded by her Seishin escort and NOT trigger her Immediate Revenge offensive-defense (its a Melee attack - not a ranged attack).

Pandora also has some frustration with this one. With a WP on par with herself, Pandora will find it 'less easy' to break the mental discipline of this mercenary. Her high WP will even help her overcome the Harmless effects of her main minions - Baby Kade and Candy.

Minion-Specific Tips

(As with Master-Specific Tips, going into any specific Synergies with other Minions.)

Playing Against Misaki

As said at the start, Misaki is a glass cannon. She's all offense with no defensive tricks. Her Df is above average but not overly huge, and if she gets wounded, she'll stay hurt unless she can get help for her allies. Best strategy to get rid of her is attack her till she stops attacking you.

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