Changes Between 1e and 2e
Although the core of Malifaux has remained the same - you'll still be flipping cards to prevent a large evil teddy bear from eating your zombie bride - a number of changes were made between the editions. This is a quick rundown for returning players to get a handle on what's different


  • 50SS is the new average (as opposed to the previous 35ss).
  • Players now share a Strategy that both are working towards (randomly flipped, based on suit). Worth up to 4VP.
  • A "scheme pool" of 5 possible schemes is generated from random flips (19 possible schemes). Players must select 2 schemes from this pool to be theirs for the game. Each scheme is worth up to 3VP.
  • This makes every game have a maximum possible 10 VP.
  • Start flipping for End of Game one turn earlier.


  • Masters have 3AP (If you are leading a crew with a Henchman in low point games they do NOT get extra AP).
  • New Station Tiers for models -> Master, Henchman, Enforcer, Minion, Peon.
  • Models may purchase and equip Upgrades, cards that add extra rules to the model. Masters can have 3, Henchmen 2 and Enforcers 1.
    • If you are wondering where certain iconic Master abilities have gone, they are often on on Upgrades now.
    • Allows for customizing how your Master works (Seamus can opt to go Ranged with his Flintlock or up-close and personal with his Bag of Tools).
    • Upgrades tend to have restrictions to control game balance (An upgrade adding defense may not be usable by Masters for example, to prevent high Df Masters from becoming unkillable).
  • A new (1) General Action allows you to place "scheme markers," which are required for many schemes and can represent many things from Propaganda Posters to Incriminating Evidence to a flaming bag of canine "remains."


  • No longer add a flip or used to heal.
  • May be used before a card is flipped to add a suit or gain a positive flip.
  • May be used to prevent damage 1/2/3 (RJ for total prevention; BJ for 0 damage prevention).
  • May be used to re-flip initiative.
  • May be used to Draw 2 Cards and Discard 2 Cards during the Draw phase.

Other Core Rules

  • Pre-measuring is now allowed.
  • Red Joker damage is Severe+Weak, rather than an extra flip.
  • Most changes that happen to models during the game are under a blanket term called a "Condition."
  • The Burning Condition now deals damage equal to Burning Condition value at the end of the turn and is then removed.
  • The Poison Condition always deals 1 damage at the end of turn and then ticks down by one
  • Charge now has a model move its Cg in a straight line towards a model and make two (1) Close Attack Actions against it.