The Stolen, Outcasts Totem (Hamelin)


Cheap, easily resurrected models that sacrifice themselves over and over for their master. The Plague steals children from their homes with his piping, sending them to their deaths to fuel his power.


The Stolen have no innate movement abilities and a mediocre Wk of 4.



The Stolen have an ability called Useless Flailing: (Ml 3/Rst: Df/ Rg: 1) Dg: 1/1/4.
They are not going to tie up models in melee given their small base size, low range, and low melee stat.


Bleeding Disease is the main offensive ability of the Stolen and where they become really dangerous.
Bleeding Disease: (Ca 4/TN 10/Rst: Wp/ Rg: 12) Target suffers damage equal to their Blighted condition
Most models in Hamelin's crew have access to Bleeding Disease including (up to) three Stolen.
6 attacks at Ca 4 will cut a model down to size if it has any amount of Blighted stacked.


The Stolen have no resilience.
They have underwhelming Df and Wp of 4.
But where it gets sad is their wound count is a staggering 1.
A single wound keeps these models alive.

Magical Extension

The Stolen gain no new abilities by being Hamelin's totem.

Tips and Tricks

Run a Stolen into your opponent's face.
Hamelin easily summons one, possibly two, Stolen per turn.
Keeping one or two Stolen within reach of Hamelin's Lure of Emptiness Ability is always best.
But, by keeping them closer to enemy models, they hand out Blighted through Diseased, as well as tempting your opponent to attack them, and creating pulse blasts through Horrible Realization of Wp 11 duels that hand out Paralyzed when failed by enemy Living models.
They are vectors for your disease and you can burn through them like it's your job!

Playing Against The Stolen

Be aware of the Stolen's debuffs when attacking them:
Sickly: This model counts as having the Blighted condition when it is killed; which interacts with Hamelin's/Rat Catcher's Voracious Rats
Voracious Rats: when an enemy model or model with Blighted is killed within 6" summon a Malifaux Rat into base to base contact.
They also have a 3" pulse called Horrible Realization: where all enemy Living models must pass a TN 11 Wp duel or gain Paralyzed.
The Stolen also possess an ability called Diseased: Enemy models that begin within 3" of this model gain Blighted +1

Activate outside of 3" if you can to avoid Diseased.
Kill them at range to avoid their paralyzing pulse or with non-Living models.

Just kill the Stolen.
Seriously though...they have one wound.
If you want them to die, they will.
Also considering they form the base in the pyramid of awful that is Hamelin's summoning cycle (Hamelin summons Stolen, Stolen sacrifices for Malifaux Rats, Rats tangle into Rat King, Rat King becomes Rat Catcher and Rat, Rat Catcher summons more Rats, all while Hamelin can summon more Stolen each turn) yeah...
Just kill the Stolen.
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