The Guilty, Outcast Minion


The Guilty is a thematic minion for Jack Daw. As they're a new model, we don't know much about their background, but their name and abilities would imply that they are the undead corpses of those who have been executed by the Guild, now returned to seek revenge on their murderers (or just whomever happens to be closest).


Though they only have a Walk of 4, The Guilty are surprisingly mobile, especially when hired into Jack Daw's thematic crew. Much of this mobility comes from their Follow Pain action, which allows the Guilty to push 6" towards a Tormented model within 12" (such as Jack Daw or other The Guilty). Even if you're not running other Tormented models, The Guilty have the ability to make other models Tormented via their Share Guilt action, making it possible to Torment one of your own models and then push all of your The Guilty towards it.

Because they are Tormented, The Guilty also benefit from Jack Daw's Driven by Injustice and Writhing Torment actions, giving them even more mobility.


The Guilty are entirely melee models with an average melee rating and range, but they have a fairly respectable damage profile to offset this drawback. Their Lingering Echoes trigger forces their target to discard a card or gain the Suspicious condition, which forces the model to discard a card whenever it targets a Tormented model as the target of an action or the Action immediately fails. This helps to protect The Guilty if it activates before its target, but becomes more useful with the more Tormented models you bring in your crew.

It can also be used offensively, making a support character Suspicious and then using the Share Guilt attack to make the opponent's models Tormented, forcing them to discard a card whenever they target their own Tormented models.

Most of the time, however, your opponent will just discard a card to prevent his unactivated model from gaining the Suspicious condition. This isn't a bad thing, however, as forcing your opponent to discard cards is always helpful.

The Guilty have a second attack in the form of the Share Guilt action. This attack deals no damage, but gives the target the Tormented Characteristic until The Guilty takes the action again. This means that even if The Guilty dies, its target will remain Tormented!

Making models Tormented allows The Guilty to use its Follow Pain action on the target, and also subjects the target to its Sympathy of the Damned ability and Accusation defensive trigger. Making models Tormented also has additional synergy with Jack Daw and/or Montresor.

The Steal Knowledge trigger allows you to draw a card after succeeding on the Share Guilt action. If you have tome cards of moderate value, you can use this ability on friendly models in an attempt to draw better cards, but because a six is the lowest card you can use and still meet the TN, it can be a bit risky. Otherwise, this is a trigger that you don't have to worry about too much; if it triggers, just enjoy your free card and get on with the rest of your game.


The Guilty are very resilient models for their cost. With a Defense of 6 and Hard to Kill, it takes some effort to put them into the ground, though any attack which targets Willpower will not have too much trouble against The Guilty's weak mental defenses.

Their Sympathy of the Damned ability prevents Tormented models from randomizing onto them when shooting into melee. If you can get The Guilty into melee and then use Share Guilt to give an enemy model Tormented, you can make The Guilty untargetable by that model's shooting attacks.

The Accusation defensive trigger provides a bit of a disincentive to attack The Guilty with Tormented models, as it will allow The Guilty to deal 1 point of damage back to a Tormented attacker after they've damaged The Guilty.

Tactics and Tips

The Guilty are most effective in a crew led by Jack Daw, as his ability to push Tormented models around - as well as to make enemy models Tormented by giving them curses - only serves to build upon the themes of The Guilty.

The Sympathy of the Damned ability can be used offensively in a crew with shooty models. If you use Share Guilty to make your own models Tormented, then get the Guilty into melee with one of the opponent's models, the opponent will not only be stuck in melee, but will be the only target for Tormented models that fire into that combat.

Share Guilt and Follow Pain can be used to advance quickly up the board in the early turns of the game, especially if bring another Tormented model to save it the need of using Share Guilt. The Guilty work well in small groups for this reason.

Note that the Tormented given out by Share Guilt is a Characteristic and not a Condition. There is currently no way of removing a Characteristic from a model, so once you tag a model, it's Tormented for the rest of its life (or until you use the action again). Even the death of The Guilty will not end the torment of its victims.

A bit of advice: If anything goes wrong in your game, you can blame The Guilty for it. No matter what it is, it's totally their fault.

Playing Against The Guilty

Willpower attacks are The Guilty's major weakness and a good way to attack it if you possess that ability. They don't have an incredible amount of wounds, but Hard to Kill will likely force you to spend more AP getting rid of The Guilty than you might otherwise like.

Be wary of using models which rely heavily on shooting attacks against The Guilty, as their Sympathy of the Damned ability can render your attacks unable to target them if they're able to get into melee and make your models Tormented.

In general, try to prevent their Share Guilt actions from succeeding, especially if they're being led by Jack Daw. The Guilty do very well against Tormented models, but aren't too remarkable against models without that Characteristic.

Don't bother discarding cards to prevent gaining the Suspicious condition from the Lingering Echoes trigger if your model has already acted this turn. It only lasts to the end of the turn, and most models don't do much targeting once they've already activated.

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