Tara, Outcast/Resurrectionist Dual-Faction Master
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Tara is an incredibly versatile master and excels at controlling both players’ AP. She is unorthodox in many ways both with her abilities and her play style. Interacting with buried models, commanding unearthly beasts from beyond, giving everything Fast, preventing enemy models from interacting, and messing with the order of your turn, Tara is very activation-based. She gets big rewards from being able to remove threatening targets, while taking pot-shots at them. Tara also comes with a built-in Reactivate as long as you activate her first during your turn.

She can act as a close range support master, can kill softer enemy models with her massive numbers of AP, and excels at objective running in addition to controlling the ebb and flow of the battlefield by easily handing out Fast and Slow.


Tara is not the fastest Master, by far, but she is still a Master worthy of the title. With a Wk of 4, and a Cg of 7, Tara's first activation(s) will probably be trying to get into range to use her abilities. Luckily for you, Tara can take more activations than everyone else. In the early game, using Eternal Moment will be the easiest way of moving her where she'll need to be. As Tara can easily get 6 AP every turn, she can move up to 24.” Keep in mind that Tara has a charge of 7” and many of her attack actions have ranges of 8-10”, allowing her to play close range support or charge headlong into melee.

One way to increase Tara's mobility is to give her the Scramble Upgrade, which increases her Wk to 5 (adding up to 6" movement each Turn!) and makes her Unimpeded which helps with severe terrain. Since Tara's Upgrade slots are no longer in short supply, in a movement-based Strategy or Scheme it may be worth boosting her speed this way, but its high cost means it should only be taken after careful consideration.


A big part of Tara's offense ability is not from just dealing damage. Using the Glimpse the Void trigger built into her sword as well as Pull the Void, you can remove threats from the battlefield, and focus your energies elsewhere. With the Obliteration Symbiote upgrade, Tara can even use buried enemy models against their own crew!

Let’s look at Tara’s attack actions:

Soulstone Sword is a melee attack with a short range, slightly above average attack stat, and a mediocre damage spread. Tara won’t be annihilating anything she touches with this attack, but keep in mind that she’ll often have 6 AP in a turn. Lots of weak hits add up quickly. However, Tara does best against weaker models that can’t hit back too hard. Soulstone Sword has two triggers: Glimpse the Void and Sympathetic Echoes. Glimpse the Void is common to Tara’s thematic crew and Buries the target if they fail a Wp duel. Sympathetic Echoes deals 2 damage to all other models with the same name as the target in a large pulse. This trigger is useful for crowd control in certain situations when an enemy is taking a lot of the same model close together (as may happen with Bayou Gremlins or Malifaux Rats), but often the cost is quite high since it requires two extra suits (and therefore needs an extra Soulstone to use.).

Tara also has a Peacebringer with an average attack stat and damage spread. Again, this isn’t an impressive attack, but with the number of AP Tara can get, those weak hits add up quickly!

For discussion of Pull the Void, see the Knowledge of Eternity upgrade. See the Obliteration Symbiote upgrade and Beastie Bomb (Tactics and Tips) for discussion of how to use this offensively.

Another key aspect of Tara’s play style is her ability to hand out Fast to models using her Temporal Shift action. We’ll examine this in more depth in the Tactics and Tips section, but for now keep in mind that Tara can give Fast to all models within 6” as long as at least one enemy model receives Fast. Temporal Shift requires you to discard 3 cards or your whole hand. The FAQ states that you can use this action even with 0 cards in hand! Be careful about giving enemies Fast - often it's best to use this ability when only one enemy would gain Fast, and even better if you can kill that model (or bury it and take it over with Obliteration Symbiote) before your opponent can take advantage of that Fast!

Another important aspect of Tara's offense is actually everyone else's offense. As long as you can keep a model buried, and take the Eternal Journey upgrade, Tara can use (1) Actions of that buried model. See the Eternal Journey upgrade section for examples of commonly used combos. Note that this requires a mid-to-high level card to use, in addition to what you use for the attack, so it can be card intensive.


The most obvious bit of protection Tara has just so happens to be the hole in her chest. If you're being shot at and manage to get a Mask in the total somehow, you can trigger Through the Hole, and Tara receives no damage. Note that this trigger requires Tara to be hit and only prevents damage – any other effects of the attack, such as added conditions, still occur. This will stop a single big shot or two, but won't keep Tara alive alone in a firefight. You can Soulstone for Masks or keep cards in hand..

Tara's lack of a heart benefits her in another way as well. Against any Ca attack action, she gets a nice little boost to her Willpower and Defense. Combining this with 12 Wounds and a starting Soulstone cache of 4, Tara is quite a resilient Master at range. However, she has no inherent melee defenses, so avoid engaging her with any model capable of doing substantial melee damage.

In melee, Tara's best defense is the fact that she has plenty of movement to spare, and thus can easily position herself in a way that does not allow her to be caugt in the charge lines of dangerous enemies. Moreover, the (0) Eternal Journey action makes her nearly impossible to pin down - so even if she gets into a brawl with a nasty bruiser, she could survive (possibly burning a SS or two), then teleport to a safe place and go on with her work a little worse for wear but otherwise alive... oh wait.


Tara themed upgrades

Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter upgrade allows Tara to discard a card when a nearby Void creature is damaged, which will reduce the damage by 1. Reducing damage and decreasing your hand size for the Df bonus is great when you're running a lot of Void Wretches, Death Marshals and the Nothing Beast. Additionally, Fast enemies have their Wp reduced by 2 within 6” of Tara. Giving Fast enemy models -2 Wp is extremely useful for actions like Pull the Void, the Nothing Beast’s Obliterate attack, and even the Glimpse the Void trigger common to Tara themed models.

This upgrade is most useful if you want to play the offensive Bury game with Tara or you're taking a lot of Void creatures who you expect to be near Tara.


With this upgrade Tara's personal upgrades no longer count towards her upgrade limit, she can ditch upgrades for cards, and she can punish enemy models for being buried. At 0 stones it is a literal must-have in every game.

Eternal Journey

This upgrade allows Tara to return to her Deployment Zone as a (0) Action if she is the first friendly model to activate during a turn. Keep in mind that this action is a “place” effect, so Tara can use it to get out of a sticky situation, relocate to a better position across the board, or to complete schemes requiring her to be near your deployment zone. Many opponents won’t expect your master to teleport across the board to mess with their plans!

Additionally, with a moderate card of any suit, she may use a (1) Action of any friendly or enemy Buried model (but may not use Triggers). The possibilities for this are endless! Want to make Tara a melee beat stick? Bury Killjoy. Want Tara to snipe an enemy model across the board? Bury Hans. Need Tara to heal herself? Bury a Friekorps Librarian. Always be aware of actions on Buried enemy models that you may want to use. Note that this can be card-intensive! Just using this ability requires a mid-to-high card, before you make whatever attack flips or casting checks are needed for the ability you copy!

This upgrade is useful when you have strategy and scheme combinations requiring your crew to be in many locations around the board, such as Power Ritual and Reconnoiter.

Also remember that though Tara must activate first to use this action, it doesn't need to be during her first activation. So you can activate Tara first, use the rest of your models, activate Tara again, take three actions, then teleport back to your deployment zone.

Knowledge of Eternity

This upgrade gives Tara's crew a [+] flip to Initiative flips, which is a huge boon. You’ll find yourself going first most turns, which allows Tara to control the pace of the game with her actions that hand out Fast or Slow as well as giving herself Reactivate. Additionally, Tara gains the Pull the Void attack, which gives the target Fast or Slow, deals one damage, and possibly Buries the target with the Glimpse the Void trigger. Pull the Void is one of the most versatile actions Tara has. Used defensively, it’s useful to Bury your own models that might be close to death or are in really tight spots. You can also easily give your model Fast and unbury it at a different location at a later point. Used offensively, this action can give enemy models Slow while dealing a small amount of damage. Pull the Void is also the only way Tara can Bury models at range. Remember that Fast and Slow do not disappear from a model until after it activates, meaning that a Buried Fast model will remain Fast until it activates.

This is a good all-purpose upgrade, but is especially useful when you want to use Tara to control enemy AP or to Bury your own models. It gives a solid attack or buff, a consistent way to Bury models at range, and an all-important Initiative flip.

Obliteration Symbiote

With a moderate crow, Tara may use an ability on this upgrade to unbury a Buried model and activate it as a Chain Activation. For friendly models a (1) Action is required (Faces in the Void), and for enemy models a (2) Action is required (Echoes of the Void). Note that this cannot target enemy leaders.

This upgrade is a great combination with Knowledge of Eternity. Use Pull the Void to Bury a friendly model, and then slingshot it out using Faces in the Void. You can easily move Slow friendly models around or use an enemy model to attack its own crew. Obliteration Symbiote is also a key component of the Beastie Bomb list (see Tactics and Tips).

Take this upgrade whenever you plan on using Tara in an offensive support role, especially in combination with Knowledge of Eternity.

This Upgrade is also important for Summoner Tara. You can use this Upgrade to unbury the models that Karina summons with The Faces of Oblivion.

This upgrade is one of Tara's favorites -- she has trouble without it!

Out of Time

Void Wretches can attack buried models as a (1) action, which opens up for some really aggressive burying. Tara also gains [+] to all flips when her hand is empty and a Ca attack that deals damage equal to the turn number with a build in trigger to heal the same amount. This upgrade works best with plenty of Void Wretches, but for 1 stone it is still worth considering without the wretches.

Voiceless Words

This upgrade buries an enemy model that kills the model with the upgrade, or Void Wretches in line of sight of the upgraded model, unless the enemy model succeeds at a Wp duel. While not a guarantee, punishing enemy models for killing your models by putting them back into their deployment zone can seriously hamper your opponent’s plans.

This Upgrade is situational. Sometimes it can be handy, but many choose other Upgrades instead.

Notable Outcast generic upgrades


With Tara’s ability to easily generate 6 AP each turn, she gets a huge amount of use from this upgrade. Scramble adds 20% more distance to every walk action that Tara takes in addition to preventing Severe terrain from slowing her down. This upgrade is particularly useful if you plan to use Tara as an objective grabber or even if she needs to move around the board a lot.

The Bigger They Are

This gives Tara +1 MI damage against targets that have an ugprade attached. This makes Tara more effective in melee, but only against bigger models.

Notable Ressurectionist Generic Upgrades

Spare Parts

A Generic Ressurectionist Upgrade that gives actions to summon Guild Autopsies and Rogue Necromancies. This is a great way to make use of those Corpse Markers you wouldn't be using otherwise.

Maniacal Laugh

Another Generic Upgrade that gives Summoning abilities. Tara doesn't have much other use for Corpse Markers, but she does benefit from the additional activation advantage the Mindless Zombies can provide.

Tactics and Tips

General Tips

Tara can work very well as a vehicle to unbury a massive threat in her enemies' lines and let it activate immediately after her activation. The massive threat must be buried, so this requires using Tara's attacks, a Death Marshal's Pine Box, or some other means to bury the model. The Obliteration Symbiote upgrade is also needed for the unburying. Another useful action is to use Tara's Eternal Moment to give her Reactivate, allowing her to act after the rest of her crew has acted.

A big part of playing Tara is knowing when to use two of her excellent tactical actions – Eternal Moment and Temporal Shift. Eternal Moment gives Tara a condition that allows her to reactivate after all other friendly models have activated, and can only be used if Tara is the first model in her crew to activate during any given turn. Unless you have a strong reason to activate another model first or to use one of Tara’s other (0) Actions, Eternal Moment should be used every turn. This gives Tara a massive 6 AP!

Temporal Shift gives all models within pulse 6” of Tara Fast at the cost of discarding 3 control cards (or your entire hand). Note that at least one enemy model must gain Fast from this action or it cannot be used. Key to using this ability successfully is maximizing your benefit while minimizing the opponent’s benefit. Ideally, you want to hit your entire crew with Fast, while giving a single enemy model which has already activated Fast. Clearly, this will not always be possible. When using Temporal Shift, attempt to give enemy models Fast that have already activated or will be quickly eliminated or Buried by your own Fast models. Another consideration is how much your models will gain from being Fast. Will that extra AP allow them to drop a key Scheme marker or will an extra attack turn the tide? If the answer is yes, then Temporal Shift might be the answer. Also keep in mind that the Fast condition only ends after a models activates with Fast. A good choice might be to use Temporal Shift during Tara’s second activation to set your crew up for the following turn.

Two other important abilities are Stutter Time and Lost Instants. Stutter Time allows Tara to force the player flipping for the end of the game to re-flip. If you’re behind in VP and need another turn to score some VP, then force a re-flip! Are you ahead in VP and the game is going to continue? Force a re-flip! This is an often underestimated ability, which can be game winning in many situations. Lost Instants is a (0) Action that prevents enemy models within Aura 6" from taking Interact actions. This makes Tara immune to Deliver a Message, Cursed Object, and Distract, while giving you a significant advantage in strategies or schemes like A Line in the Sand or Squatter’s Rights. Being a (0) Action, Lost Instants competes directly with Eternal Moment, but sometimes preventing enemy models from interacting is much more important than reactivating Tara.


Beastie Bomb
Upgrades: Obliteration Symbiote, Scramble, Knowledge of Eternity

Description: Take Tara, one Death Marshal, and a big, angry monster of your choice. Many models will work, but some commons ones are Killjoy, Taelor, Nothing Beast, and the Desolation Engine. Use the Death Marshal or Pull the Void to Bury your monster, run across the board, and use Faces in the Void to unleash said monster into the middle of the enemy crew! This tactic is somewhat of an all or nothing type of strategy, but can be particularly effective to remove certain key enemy models. When using this strategy, Tara MUST activate first and use Eternal Moment. This allows her to move up to 20” (25” if you replace one of the upgrades with Scramble) and unbury a monster, which can then chain activate.

For a more “all-in” list, take two high cost monsters. Tara uses Pull the Void to give Monster 1 Fast and Bury it. Walk twice towards the enemy crew. Use a Death Marshal to Bury Monster 2. Tara reactivates, walks towards the enemy crew and unleashes both monsters. With this setup, you’ll win or lose based on the strength of your initial alpha strike, as it will be very difficult (if not impossible) to recover if your opponent manages to fight off the initial attack. However, this approach can potentially table a surprised opponent.

Close up Support/AP control
Upgrades: Knowledge of Eternity, Obliteration Symbiote

Description: If you master this tactic, you’ll quickly find that it’s one of the most effective ways to run Tara. When using this tactic, Tara should be near the front lines but not wading into melee. You’ll have a heavy focus on Temporal Shift and Pull the Void to control the number of AP both crews get in the area around Tara. Obviously, the goal is to maximize the number of AP of your crew, while giving Slow to as many enemy models as possible. You can also Bury friendly models and use Obliteration Symbiote to move them to different areas in the combat, making it extremely difficult for your opponent to pin your crew down.

Void Wretches are great, cheap models capable of taking out weak enemy models, tar pitting Fast enemy models, and healing Buried models. One common tactic is to Bury a friendly model in danger of dying with the Glimpse the Void trigger and use Void Wretches to heal it. Attempting to Bury enemy models is also an excellent choice when running this setup, as your opponent loses 2-3 AP for every turn that model is buried. Tara should be using most of her AP to control the AP of models on both side of the table rather than specifically damaging enemy models herself. However, if you see an opening to kill an enemy model, don’t hesitate!

Offensive Bury
Upgrades: Knowledge of Eternity, Dead of Winter, Obliteration Symbiote

Description: This setup is difficult to pull off, but can be powerful in the correct situations. Your goal with this tactic is to use Death Marshals and the Glimpse the Void trigger to Bury key enemy models to prevent them from participating in the battle. Dead of Winter is key with this tactic, as it gives Fast enemy models -2 Wp. After Burying one or more enemy models, both Void Wretches and Karina are able to hurt them while Buried. Obliteration Symbiote allows you to Unbury an enemy model and control its activation.

Leading a Crew

Most often, Tara will want to start with her Core Crew that she synergizes with: Karina (with Faces of Oblivion) and Void Wretches. Nothing Beast is a great option for a Beast Bomb payload, but many will take Killjoy or Bishop to serve a similar role. Tara does very well with Death Marshals, which are solid models with a good statline and excellent burial mechanics. As a Resser, Tara often hires Bete Noire as well.

Note that as of the January 2017 errata, Tara now boasts the Infiltration (Void) ability which lets her hire up to four models with the Void characteristic regardless of faction. As of January 2017, this list stands at:

The Nothing Beast (Outcast henchman)
Scion Of The Void (Outcast henchman)
Void Wretch (Outcast minion)
Death Marshal* (Guild minion)

*Death Marshals hired this way lose the Living characteristic and gain the Undead one instead. Watch out for the Guild's favourite undead-hunters!

Strategies and Schemes

Tara and her theme crew are best at strategies and schemes that require lots of movement or to get to a certain place on the battlefield to drop scheme markers. She is also competent at “Take and Hold” schemes, where you have to defend a certain location. However, Tara’s theme crew is not good at schemes requiring you to kill enemy models due to her low damage output. Tara herself is great at objective running, because she can generate so many AP.
Below is a breakdown of every strategy and scheme follow by a difficulty rating in parentheses. The rating takes into account how good Tara and her themed crew are at the strategy/scheme.

Turf War (Medium) – Tara and her crew aren’t particularly resilient, so you don’t want to get into a war of attrition. However, she is very good at moving both friendly and enemy models, meaning that you can pull some tricks with Turf War. Also, with everything bunched up, Temporal Shift becomes more effective.

Reckoning (Hard) – Tara has a low damage output, so it’s going to be difficult for her to contribute much to this strategy unless your opponent has lots of very weak models.

Reconnoiter (Easy) – With the ability of the Void creatures and Tara to easily get anywhere on the board, this strategy is easy.

Squatter’s Rights (Easy) – Just like A Line in the Sand, Tara can pretty much complete this by herself in a single turn.

Stake a Claim (Medium) – Think of this like Breakthrough, just more expensive AP wise. This strategy really depends on who has more models and their positioning.

A Line in the Sand (Easy) – Just like Squatter’s Rights, Tara can pretty much complete this herself in a single turn. Void creatures are also invaluable for this scheme.

Distract (Medium) – While you generally don’t want Tara engaged, the Void creatures can be extremely difficult to kill later in the turn when there are few cards in your hand, making them fairly good at this scheme.

Bodyguard (Easy) – If your guarded model is close to death, bury it and heal it up with Void Wretches.

Assassinate (Hard) – Like other killing based schemes, it’s hard for Tara to contribute much. However she can Slow the enemy master with Pull the Void, making them easier to deal with.

Protect Territory (Medium) – While Tara’s themed crew is not particularly resilient, it is easy for Void creatures to get to difficult to reach areas before dropping Protect Territory scheme markers.

Breakthrough (Easy) - Between Incorporeal Void Wretches and Tara, it’s trivial to make it to near the opponent’s deployment zone to drop scheme markers.

Cursed Object (Medium) – See Distract above.

Frame for Murder (Depends on crew)

Outflank (Easy) - Between Incorporeal Void Wretches and Tara, it’s trivial to make it to the sides of the board. Just make sure to do this in the last turn so your opponent doesn’t run to engage your models!

Plant Evidence (Easy) - Since Tara can take so many walk actions, this is easy for her to accomplish. Scramble is incredibly useful here.

Entourage (Easy) – Since Tara can take so many walk actions, this is trivial for her to accomplish. Scramble is incredibly useful here.

Vendetta (Depends on crew)

Plant Explosives (Hard) – With no ability to manipulate scheme markers, you rely on deception and good placement of those markers (just like most masters).

Make them Suffer (Hard) – Unless your opponent has very weak models, this will be tough for Tara to accomplish.

Deliver a Message (Easy) – With Tara’s Obliteration Symbiote upgrade, she can unbury an unactivated, potentially Fast model within interacting distance with ease, and if you Bury in your first activation, and unbury in your last activation, it will be likely that the enemy master will have already activated, so they will be easy to pin down.

Take Prisoner (Medium) – Getting partial credit for this one isn’t tough – you can always run a Void creature or Tara up to the Prisoner right at the end of the game. Full credit is harder since you won’t necessarily have the firepower to eliminate enemy models that are close. Alternatively, you could have a Death Marshal bury the target with his Pine Box, then cheat in a low card to lose the duel when the Marshal's in a good position far away from the enemy crew.

Spring the Trap (Hard) – Similarly to Plant Explosives, Tara has no way to manipulate scheme markers, so this scheme relies on trickery to pull off well.

Murder Protégé (Hard) – Since Tara isn’t good at killing high cost targets, it will be difficult for her to contribute much to this scheme.

Power Ritual (Easy) – Between Incorporeal Void Wretches and Tara, it’s trivial to make it to three corners of the board.

Building a Crew

With any Master, your primary concern should be selecting a crew that can realistically accomplish the strategy/scheme combo you’re playing. However, we’ll discuss the types of models generally seen in Tara’s crew along with some notable specifics.

In general, Tara likes models that benefit from the Fast condition (models with Flurry or Rapid Fire being good examples) or slow models that benefit from being rapidly moved around the table (Killjoy for example). With Tara having a strong support play style, she’ll be able to enhance the capabilities of any model she hires. However, her themed crew naturally has the most synergistic interactions.

Tara’s themed crew (Nothing Beast, Void Wretches, Karina, Death Marshals) all work very well together, and can accomplish most types of strategies or schemes. They combine decent ranged and melee attacks with good support actions and excel at schemes requiring scheme markers. Keep in mind that both the Nothing Beast and Void Wretches are Incorporeal, allowing them to ignore most terrain types while they move. In addition, most of Tara’s themed crew greatly benefits from the Fast condition on themselves and enemy models. Death Marshals complement the Bury play style in addition to being solid melee and ranged attackers.

Other specific models often used with Tara are the Student of Conflict, anything with Lure (such as Rotten Belles), or models that are capable of Burying themselves (such as Bete Noir or Killjoy). The Student of Conflict can give any model Fast with no resist, while models with Lure allow Tara to use Temporal Shift more effectively by singling out an enemy model to receive Fast. Obliteration Symbiote allows Tara to have great control over where models like Killjoy and Bete Noir unbury.

Playing Against Tara

Tara is almost impossible to kill with Sh attacks, and gets a pretty decent boost when defending from Ca, but has no real in-built melee defense abilities, which means she'll go down like a $10 Belle if she is focused by a heavy hitter. Two attacks from a dedicated melee model could realistically take her out, since her defense is mediocre for a master. Still, it is worth it to note that if she has her Eternal Journey on, she can prevent some damage through Soulstones or pull some other shenanigans and then just teleport out of range and carry on with business as usual. Also note that Tara is undead, which makes her susceptible to some angles of attack. Judge, I'm looking at you.

When playing against Tara, it’s important to note whether she has the Obliteration Symbiote upgrade and the presence of any powerful, high cost models in her list. If both these factors are present, be wary of the Beastie Bomb tactic. If you suspect that she might Beastie Bomb you, spreading out a bit in order to minimize the damage might be a good idea. Positioning your relevant models in terrain and hiding them behind other, less important models to make sure beat sticks can't effectively charge your special snowflake is probably your best chance at making this tactic ineffective. Just make sure that you don't box yourself in and allow her to run wild. If your opponent’s crew consists mostly of Tara’s themed models, be aware of the scheme pool and which schemes would be easy for her to accomplish. Move to prevent this.

To best fight Tara, keep in mind that it’s easiest to fight the Void creatures early in the turn while your opponent has lots of cards. Also realize that it will be near impossible to kill Tara with Sh attacks as long as she has the capability of getting Masks in her duel totals. Tara will most likely have 6 AP every turn, so plan accordingly.

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