Taelor, Outcast Mercenary Henchman

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Taelor is known as Lady Hammerstrike - the cheerful and bone-shattering mercenary henchman of Malifaux. She wields her trademark Relic Hammer with alarming power and skill. She is perhaps most often found with Viktoria of Ashes, but as a Mercenary Henchman, she can be hired and found in literally any crew ever. Taelor brings any crew massive melee threat, and a powerful anti-summoning mechanism.

Taelor is an especially popular choice when you know you will be facing a Summoner (such as when you see Ramos across the table, or when you know you are playing against a Resurrectionist Crew.)


Taelor's not crazy fast. She has a Wk 4 and Cg 6.

She doesn't really have many movement tricks, either. Her closest movement trick is Welcome to Malifaux, which gives her an optional free Charge against any new enemy model which is summoned within 9" of her. This isn't really a reliable way to get her into position, though, so much as a way to extend her terrifying threat range.


Taelor's offensive potential is tremendous, and it's all in her melee attacks.

She's Relentless, so she does't need to worry about Horror duels. She also has a lot of opportunities to take out-of-turn Charges, thanks to her Welcome to Malifaux action.

Relic Hammer is brutal. It has a Ml 7, a range of 3", and does a whopping 3/4/6, with two positive twists against Constructs and Tyrants. The attack can also push a target away on a Mask, or ignore Armor and Hard to Kill on a tome, or ignore Soulstone prevention on a Ram.

Hammer Fall is even worse. It's a (2) Action, but she can take it on a charge because of her Pneumatic Arm Ability. It's got the same melee and range as the Relic Hammer, but any other enemy models within 3" have to make a TN 14 Df duel or take 3 damage and get pushed 3" away from the hammer victim. This is a great way to mess up a model that often keeps a lot of models together in a cluster, such as Hamelin, Collodi, or Ulix. It doesn't have the positive twists or trigger choices that her (1) Attack have, but against a clump of enemies, it can make a lot of difference. You can also use this to rescue a friendly model that's gotten surrounded.


Taelor has a great Wp 7. Her Df 5 and Wd 9 are a little more lackluster, so she may need to burn through soulstones to stay alive if she becomes the focus of a concentrated attack.

She's got Hard to Kill and Hard to Wound 1, which should help her survive a little longer in melee.


Taelor doesn't have any personal upgrades, but there are several that work well for her.

Scramble boosts her Wk and Cg, which can help her shore up her mobility problems.

Tally Sheet is a great way to turn her brutal smashings into successful card flow.

Oath Keeper can help with Scheme Markers, but more likely, you can use it to gain Fast during an important Activation.

Tactics and Tips

Often, Taelor will want to activate early when facing a summoner crew, so that she can use her Welcome to Malifaux all turn long.

Keep track of which enemies are Tyrants or Constructs. Two positive twists for damage means you can reliably cheat in a severe card for 6 damage.

Use Relic Hammer to crush tough enemies. Use Hammerfall to break up mobs. Use Welcome to Malifaux to nullify summoners.

Leading a Crew

As a Henchman, Taelor can lead a Crew. She doesn't have a lot of Crew synergies, but she doesn't really need them: just hire a Crew you want to play.

Strategies and Schemes

Taelor can be more important for schemes than she seems at first. Here's why: Her melee attack has a really broad 3" range. That means that anyone withing that range is engaged, and can't take Interact actions. She can often guard and cover multiple objects at once with that melee range, clamping down on enemy actions

Building a Crew

Taelor does well with Ronin, since they add speed and support her combat potential. She can also benefit from a Freikorps Librarian to provide healing support.

Playing Against Taelor

Don't summon models within her smashing range! She'll ruin your day if you do. Summon them out of her sight when she has Welcome to Malifaux up.

Take advantage of her slow speed and lack of ranged attacks.

Ranged attacks work well against her. Attacks that Slow can keep her out of the action.

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