Sue, Outcast Enforcer
"Well, my daddy left home when I was three
And he didn't leave much to ma and me
Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze.
Now, I don't blame him cause he run and hid
But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was before he left, he went and named me 'Sue.' "
- A Boy Named Sue, Johnny Cash


Sue is, essentially, a walking Johnny Cash reference, and like the Man in Black, he is very awesome. Though primarily a ranged combat model, he can hold his own in melee and comes with an assortment of strange spells that make him a bit of a grab bag of various effects.

He's also a Mercenary, so he'll work for any faction willing to toss some coin his way.


Sue might walk the line, but he does it slowly. With a Walk of 4 he won't be going anywhere very quickly, though his Charge of 6 does help him get into combat a bit more easily.


Sue's Prison Pistols pack quite a punch, with an innate +flip on their attack to make up for their otherwise average Sh of 5. He has a solid damage spread of 2/3/4, but with an innate Critical Strike trigger that means he'll usually be hitting for 3/4/5, or even 4/5/6 if you flip or cheat a ram on his attack flip. He can use his pistols either at a range of 12" or as a 2" melee weapon, making them a very reliable and hard-hitting weapon.

His "The Man Comes Around" trigger will instantly kill any totem it hits unless the target discards two soulstones. This might be considered overkill for most totems, but it can help to finish the more sturdy totems off in a single shot, and it makes Sue the nemesis of the Hungering Darkness.

Sue can also use his Ring of Fire action to surround himself with flames, giving any enemy models that end their activation within 3" of him the Burning +2 condition. If he hits his Rising Higher trigger, this instead increases to Burning +3. If you're planning on using this action, it's best to activate Sue early in the turn to get the most out of it, as models that end their activation before he can cast Ring of Fire will be unaffected, even if right next to him. This action can make Sue very deadly in melee, as it's difficult to escape combat with a man whose attacks have an innate +flip.

He's been to prison, so much like the Convict Gunslinger, Sue is Relentless and doesn't bat an eye at the various terrifying things that Malifaux has to offer.


Sue's defensive stats are roughly average, but he's Hard to Kill, which makes him, well, hard to kill.

As a free action, Sue can cast The Man in Black, which forces any Ca attack actions which target friendly models within 3" of him to suffer a -flip on their attack flips. This can be a huge game changer against spellcasters such as Rasputina or Sonnia Criid, and also provides some protection against the more annoying spells in the game (such as Lure).


Sue's Hurt ability allows him to take one point of damage at the end of his activation to draw a card. Because he's Hard to Kill, this is usually a pretty safe risk, especially early in the game, and it pays off even more if you have some healing in your crew to patch him up mid-game.

His other support-based action is Tread the Line, which grants the Finish the Job ability to a model within 12". This can be a good way to get scheme markers out for strategies such as Plant Explosives or Set the Trap, or even for Line in the Sand. If you know a model is going to die later in the turn - such as from Burning or Poison - it can be useful to turn them into a scheme marker waiting to happen.

The Peace in the Valley trigger on Tread the Line is a bit odd, in that it discards all Scrap or Corpse Markers within 3" of the target. If you're playing against Resurrectionists or models that use Scrap markers, this can be a very handy trigger for denying them resources. Note that Tread the Line does not specify that it has to be cast on friendly models, despite allowing no chance to resist it. Nicodem really hates it when you force him to Tread the Line and destroy all the corpse markers near him.


Oathkeeper is, as always, a good upgrade for giving Sue a turn of Fast on demand.

Scramble is also good, as it increases his Walk up to a respectable level and helps him keep up with his crew so that he can make the most out of Ring of Fire and The Man in Black. It's a bit spendy, but if you can afford it the boost to Sue's speed is very nice.

Sue is a mercenary, so he can also take the generic upgrades of whatever faction hires him. It's a good idea to review your options to see if your faction offers Sue anything useful when you hire him as a mercenary.

Tactics and Tips

Sue does very well in Turf War, where he can use Ring of Fire to slowly roast to death any models hanging around him at the center of the board.

His The Man in Black makes him a strong choice against Arcanists, as many of their models have Ca attacks that Sue can shut down rather easily.

At the end of the day, Sue is a grab bag of various effects that can fit pretty easily into most crews, and his Prison Pistols are good enough that you usually don't have to worry too much about him earning his keep.

Playing Against Sue

Sue's a tough model to face, especially if you're relying upon Ca attacks to take him down. It's best to just shoot him at a distance, as getting into melee with him can go south very quickly if he starts casting Ring of Fire on top of shooting you twice with his critical striking pistols.

In general, you want to attack Sue early in the turn, before he has a chance to cast one of his various spells. If your opponent frequently uses Hurt to draw cards, then keep an eye on Sue and try to take him down once he's weakened himself enough to make it feasible.

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