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The Student of Conflict is a Mercenary totem that can be hired by any leader, though she is also a Sister and is designed to support Viktoria of Ashes and Viktoria of Blood.


With Walk and Charge speeds of 6, the Student of Conflict is a surprisingly fast model. She also possesses the Sisters in Spirit action, which allows her to target a friendly Sister within 6" and place the target into base contact with her. This allows her to quickly move around the Viktorias and Vanessa to help reposition them without wasting any of their AP.


The Student of Conflict only has one tool to attack with, her Training Blade, which has a low Ml 4 but a good damage profile of 2/3/4. As a Sister, the Student of Conflict will benefit from the various buffs that Viktoria of Ashes, Viktoria of Blood, and Vanessa can hand out with their own actions or those on the Sister upgrades, giving her bonuses to her attack and damage flips. This can make her a surprisingly effective model in combat, particularly when she is included in the effects of the Dragon's Bite and Flight of Dragons actions of the Viktorias.

Additionally, the Student can use Assist (which takes two of her AP) to give a model within 3" the Fast condition, which is one of the primary reasons she is hired outside of the Outcasts. Being able to give Fast to dangerous models such as Perdita or the Pigapult makes her very good at supporting a wide variety of crews, though this support comes with a high price tag once the mercenary tax for the Student has been paid.


The Student has a low Defense and average Willpower, but also has a good number of wounds and Armor +1, which allows her to participate in combat more than many one might expect from a totem. As a Sister, she will heal whenever a Viktoria or Vanessa heals, as per their Fates Entwined ability.

Tips and Tricks with Viktoria of Ashes

As a Sister, the Student of Conflict works best alongside the Viktorias, where she can use her Sisters in Spirit action to move the other Sisters around and benefit from their Sister buffs. She does well both running alongside the other girls in melee or hanging back and just using Assist to make Viktoria of Blood Fast before sending her off on a murderfest.

Tips and Tricks with other Masters

Outside of the Viktorias, the Student of Conflict is mostly there to hand out Fast to friendly models, preferably those who aren't going to stray very far from her, as Assist eats up her entire turn. Stationary shooting models with long ranges are ideal for this, such as the Pigapult, Hans, or even Perdita. Backfield summoners such as Nicodem can also get some use out of having the Student follow behind him to make him Fast every turn.

Playing Against the Student of Conflict

The Student of Conflict isn't too dangerous by herself, but her Armor +1 and high wounds (for a totem) can make her difficult to take down in a single attack, often requiring two or three attacks to do so. If the Student is lingering in the back and making shooting models Fast every turn, it might be best to just ignore her and go after the model she's buffing instead.

With the Viktorias, the Student might end up in combat to take advantage of their Sister-related buffs and actions, which can turn her into an actual melee threat. Much like above, however, it's often better to attack the Viktorias themselves instead of going after their less effective apprentice.

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