strongarm_suit.jpgStrongarm Suit, Outcasts Enforcer


Imagine a Freikorpsmann on steroids, or better yet a mini-Von Schill minus the mustache. The Strongarm Suit is the Freikorps' heavy cavalry: fast, hard hitting and rock solid. You can't really go wrong with him.


The Strongarm Suit has only moderate Wk stat but this in itself could be misleading regarding his mobility since he has Augmented Jump. This Ability is exactly the same as Von Schill's trademark trick. This lets him Charge when engaged and during any Charge movement the Strongarm can ignore other models and terrain. (Remember: only Walk Actions provoke Disengaging Strikes, so enemy models won’t have a chance to stop him.) The Ability is a surprisingly big boost to mobility and keeps many options open when you need to plan your next Activation.



2/4/6 damage with Ml 6 is a decent start but it gets better with the Triggers and other buffs around.

Pneumatic Actuator needs a Crows and prevents the target to reduce the damage in any way. In other words Abilities like Armor and Incorporeal or the Riders' dreaded auto Triggers won't help. (However SS prevention doesn't fall into this category!)

Pneumatic Crush is a much more direct solution. For a Rams you can ask for [+] on the damage flip which is usually enough to make it cheatable.

The Strongarm also has a (0) Action with various extras and one of them gives +1 on damage from Ml Attack. 3/5/7 with the option to ignore serious defensive Abilities or get [+] on damage is a very fearful thing on the board.


Just looking at the model itself, most of us would think that this piece is a pure close combat guy but the truth is that he is more than adept in the art of shooting.

Atheric Projection has a nice range and a so-so damage track. But again, we are dealing with a nastier thing when we take into account the additions. For starters, with the above mentioned (0) Action you can also opt for pumping up the Sh stat to a stellar 7 - making the Strongarm one of the sharpest shooter in Malifaux. It also worth noting that this Attack targets Wp which could be a blessing or a curse depending on the enemy. For example models with Stubborn will just laugh on this while the otherwise very pesky Baby Kade could be eradicated easily.

As for the Triggers: one hands out Slow condition after damaging, which is always a very efficient way to ruin the plans of the opponent, while the other prevents Marker placement in case the target gets killed in the Attack. The later not only prevents Corpse or Scrap Marker placement but shuts down Abilities like Finish the Job too.


Your opponent needs to be really serious if he wants to get rid of this beast. Armor +2 and Freikorps Suit combined with 10 Wd and a decent Df stat is a terrifying package. And if some fool tries to dig through this rock you can just Charge him out of harm or ask a nearby Freikorps Librarian to patch him up.

The Strongarm also has an indirect defensive method since the already much discussed (0) Action has a solution for this. Polarized Shielding kicks back 1 point of damage every time the model is damaged by an Ml Attack Action. This in itself could be a good deterrent, especially for models on low wounds.


In an Outcasts crew, there are only 3 Upgrades for him.

Oath Keeper is a cheap way to have an option for a Fast turn and could worth gold when used in the proper moment. It will enhance the threat range wonderfully or can grant 3 Attacks in one go. So if you opt for the +1 damage, even calculating with 3 weak damage you can muster 9 points of damage in case all of the attacks hit. That combined with the possible Triggers can bring down many tough guys wandering on the board.

Scramble could be also a good choice but for 2 SS it is not always a must have. Take this when you expect lot of movement during the game and when the board is cluttered with severe terrain.

Scout the field will allow him to target something out of Line of sight. This could even be a Charge action.

Of course he is a Mercenary, so could be hired by any Master, so the Strongarm can get the corresponding Faction's Upgrades too. Take a few seconds to run through those options when you fabricate your list

Tactics and Tips

The Strongarm Suit is a very heavy, versatile piece on the board that likes to be around the center where he can exert the most influence on the enemy's plans and maneuvers. He is especially good in strategies and schemes where durability is key. For example: Turf War and Reckoning is a joyride with him.

The almighty (0) Action

If you reached this far, probably you can imagine the importance of that (0) Tactical Action. It gives three very good options, each one boosting a different part of the model's basic capabilities. NEVER ever forget about this and use it as the first thing in your Activation. Usually it is not that hard to pick the optimal one since they cover completely different areas.

Charge like a Shill!

Remember? The Strongarm Suit can Charge when engaged. This means even if your are fighting a nasty Ml range (like Lord Chompy Bits) and more than 2" away from an enemy but within his engagement range you can still Charge him (or anyone else) without a problem. The Augmented Jump Ability can also be used if your are within 2" of your intended target. If you plan to land at least 2 Attacks on it then you can use Charge to position the Strongarm around the target and still hit it 2 times. You can even move to the other side of the model through it as long as you remain within engagement range since the Charge movement ignores terrain and models.

Playing Against the Strongarm Suit

Hard nut to crack. Very few models has the potential to wipe out him within an Activation or even two. If you don't have Armor ignoring capabilities or very high damage profiles you should rather try to limit his effectiveness with conditions like Slow and Paralyzed or for example stuff that forces the model to take only Walk Actions - essentially drawing the teeth of this monster.

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