steam_trunk.jpgSteam Trunk, Outcasts Totem (Von Schill)


Von Schill's personal Totem is all about providing other models nearby with useful (0) Actions. It is not fast, not too tough to get rid of, and has nothing in the attacking department so you need to position this model very carefully in order to get most out of it without losing the Totem too easily. As most of the Totems the Steam Trunk is also Insignificant so it can't help too much on achieving VPs.


Well, we don't love the Steam Trunk because of his speed. It has a Wk 4 and that is all about it.


Again, nothing too exciting to see here. More exactly NOTHING is here. This Totem is one of the few (if not only) Malifaux model that doesn't have a single Attack Action on its card.


At last a category where we can at least mention some positive thing. Although the Steam Trunk is low on Wd (4) but at least it has Armor +1 and a very decent Df of 6. This and good placement can ensure that it can survive a few turns near the frontline.

Tips and Tricks

If you look for a Totem in a Von Schill led crew there is only two real contenders: the Steam Trunk is used mostly in attrition type missions where extra healing and Condition removing stuff works wonders, while the costly Student of Conflict brings the more than valuable Fast buff on the table which can be given to any other model nearby, in case Von Schill would be out hunting somewhere in the distance.

As we said earlier, the Steam Trunk is all about handing out buff opportunities. If you hire it make sure that there is a relatively safe spot (behind a forest or a building) somewhere around the center where you can anchor it down and use its potential with the others. You can use its potential fully by pairing it with Von Schill's Engage at Will Upgrade. The later lets models within 8" to use two different (0) Actions in an Activation.

The Steam Trunk's (0) Actions can be used by any Friendly model within 4" and LoS. These Actions are mostly good for healing and getting rid of annoying effects but some of them good for ruining the day of the enemy.

Fire Extinguisher lets the model or another target within 3" to get rid of the Burning Condition. You can imagine how handy this opportunity is facing a fire-heavy Crew like Sonnia Criid or Kaeris. We need to mention that this needs a card to be discarded from your Hand so the Action definitely needs some resource from your part.

The Disaggregator Solution is the mentioned offensive type Action since it removes nearby Corpse and Scrap Markers. Most Resurrectionists Masters won't be happy if you clean the board of dead bodies.

Finally we have the Emergency Syrette Action which heals 1/2/3 points of damage AND removes the Poison Condition. This is too good to come cheap, so no wonder it also needs a discarded card to work.

Please note: although the Steam Trunk is Schill's dedicated Totem, it is NOT a Freikorps model. So it doesn't get the buffs aimed only for Freikorps - most notably Von Schill's A Legend to Live Up To Aura.

Playing Against Steam Trunk

If it is played properly, you will have a harder time to knock out the Steam Trunk than you would expect from just looking at the card. A good opponent will hide it from LoS and even if you see it, it will probably behind some kind of Cover.

Still it has only 4 Wd so if you attack it with proper force it will crumble. Attacks that ignore LoS, high Sh and good damage output always help. So does anything that targets Wp since the Trunk only has an average of 5 in that department. For example you can Lure it out of a forest into open terrain quite easily.

Don't forget that it can use its own (0) Actions too, so if you want to kill it make sure it doesn't survive at 1 Wd, otherwise your opponent could easily get it back to full or near full strength.

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