Shang, Dual Faction Outcast/Ten Thunders Totem (Misaki)


Shang is Misaki's dedicated totem. It is a quite speedy Insignificant Peon whose greatest asset to Misaki is his ability to heal her at the cost of his life and letting the crew draw an additional card and then discard one from her hand at the start of the turn. This can help keep Misaki alive longer and help her have better hands at fishing high crows for the Assassinate trigger.


A good Wk allows Shang to keep up with most crews as he won't be placing scheme markers as he's Insignificant. Keeping him close to others will allow him to make use of his Companion ability. His Cg is the same as is Wk meaning his he has an average Cg stat.


Heavenly Blaze

Shang - Stat Card - Front.JPG
An 8" that suffers from a low Sh of 4 and a low damage of 1/2/3B. Severe will create a blast, but Shang will be focusing on other things more often than not. It's still important to remember he has it, be it to try and finish off a model with 1 Wd left or if you can Focus and shoot to try and get a blast going.


MI attack with an attack stat of 5 and 1" Melee range. It has a tame damage spread of 1/2/4 but is made up for with the Flay trigger. This allows Shang to cheat damage even when on negative damage flips. It's not something that you should really plan on since it is card intensive (high enough mask to hit and then a good card to cheat the damage up, but can be a tremendous burst of damage for unsuspecting targets.


Shang has a pretty average Df of 5 and a surprisingly high Wp of 6. but only 4 Wd and nothing else to keep him alive outside of being immune to the Burning condition. His greatest defense is remaining outside of line of sight, on cover and taking advantage of his high Wk.

He does help keeping Misaki alive with the Channeled Healing ability which is an easy to cast spell that heals Misaki 1/2/3 at he cost of causing 1 Wd on Shang that cannot be prevented. It only reaches 6" so you have to be mindful of your range and Misaki's position to get good use out of it.

Tips and Tricks

Shang's biggest selling point is his Rush of Magic ability which lets him draw an additional card at the start of the turn and discard another. This lets you have an extra chance to get a good card in your hand and can help Misaki get those high crows for Assassinate. This is a fantastic ability, but a tough sell at 3 Soulstones, so to get a good use out of Shang you have to get some good use out of his other abilities.

The most obvious ability that Shang should focus on using is Channeled Healing. The get mileage out of it you will mostly need to have Misaki going in and out of conflict so as to not force Shang into the devils den and get himself killed quickly. Also, remember each use of the spell means 1 Wd on Shang, so unless you have some other way to heal in your crew and for some reason decide to heal Shang, he is at most good for 4 uses. This tends to play better with a more springy Misaki, which tends to be based on the Disguise upgrade and active use of the Deadly Dance ability and Next Target trigger. If played well, Misaki should go in, cause her mayhem and get out to be close enough to get some healing done without forcing Shang too deep in.

The other important aspect of Shang are his Sh and Ml actions. His Heavenly Blaze is mostly an opportunity action, if something is in range and you have good odds of getting a straight flip by using Focus, it can be worth using or simply to try and finish something off, don't expect miracles from it, most times it will just be a cheap way to try and force your opponent to cheat a card once in a while. If really desperate you can also aim to attack one of your own models and cheat down to force the straight flip and put a blast where needed, though this is usually hard to achieve without some form of target randomization happening. As for his Claws, they are another opportunity attack, where if they activate the Flay trigger you consider it a bonus, though never forget you have it since being able to cheat on a negative and cause 4 Wd can completely surprise an opponent who underestimates his combat potential.

Playing Against Shang

Shang is pretty low on the threat level. His contributions mainly being Rush of Magic and healing. He is immune to burning but anything that attacks him can possibly kill him. Focusing on damaging Misaki may force Shang to come near and heal her, doing more damage to himself and forcing him into a more dangerous area where your models can spend less AP removing him. Do keep in mind his relative potential, he still has Companion and Misaki can run and get healed twice by him in quick succession of she is close enough, allowing her to recover a good chunk of life with some decent flips.

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