Pride, Outcast Enforcer

"You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you." -- Carly Simon, You're So Vain


Pride is the lead banjo player for the Crossroads Seven. He's packed with Pride-based abilities that tear apart crowded clumps of models and drain enemy cards.

Pride is a member of the Crossroads Seven and can be hired as part of Wrath's Crew. He is also a mercenary and can be hired by any Crew as such. He also works well with Jack Daw (since he's Tormented and has area-denial debuffs) and Pandora (since he causes so many Wp duels.)


Pride has a speedy Wk 6 and a decent Cg 7. Other than that, he doesn't have any particular movement tricks.


While Pride has a decent set of standard attacks, he also has a tremendous amount of passive damage and area denial capability. Pride is great for locking down key areas or breaking up clumps of enemies.


Pride's melee attack, (1) Condescending Flattery, has a high attack value, but a mediocre 2/2/4 damage. It's a Ca attack so it works well against Incorporeal models. It's also great for disengaging strikes, to keep enemies trapped within his dangerous auras. The attack has a trigger on Crows, Hey..., that also gives the target Slow. In all, the melee attack is more about wearing down an opponent and keeping them from going away easily, though it can kill small or wounded models.


Pride's long range attack (1) This Song Is All About You is a lot more brutal. It's resisted with Wp and doesn't have a gun icon, so it can be used at any range. The attack does a whopping 4 damage, but the target can discard up to two cards to reduce damage by 2 for each card discarded. This can amount to a massive card denial or damage attack, but your target gets to pick which. You can only use it once per turn, though.

The attack also has a trigger on ram, You Don't Need Them, that gives the target a negative flip on Df duels until the end of the turn while within 3" of a friendly model. This can be a great way to soften up a target that's clumped up with other nearby targets. In the middle of multiple enemy models is often where Pride wants to be anyway, because of his aura effects, so this is just another way of punishing enemy models who clump up too much.

Area Denial

Pride has a wide area of effects that make it miserable to be near him.

Like most Crossroads Seven Models, Pride punishes models for ending their activation near him. Thanks to Bad Role Model, enemy models that end their activation within a 3" aura of Pride must discard a card or take 2 damage unless they Cheated Fate during their activation.

To make things worse, Pride's only (0) action is (0) Solo. This causes other models (friendly and hostile) within the 3" aura to take 2 damage or discard a card each time they Cheat Fate. It's pretty hard to be around Pride without taking damage or losing cards at this point. Since this lasts the rest of the turn but affects friendly models, you'll often want to activate Pride early in the turn, but after any other friendly nearby models.

Pride also has a defensive trigger (requiring a Ram) that causes 2 damage or a discard after a duel.

If you're around Pride, you're probably going to be discarding a lot of cards, or taking twice as much damage.


Pride has a few layers of resilience. Firstly, he's got a pretty decent statline, with an average Wp and a high Df. His Wd 8 is about average for his cost.

Furthermore, he's got a lot of painful aura effects, so getting close to him to hit him can be costly.

On top of that, he's got a Df trigger on Rams that causes 2 damage or a discarded card to the attacker, win or lose.

Lastly, he's Manipulative 12, so attacking him before he's acted can cost extra cards.


Pride has no particular personal Upgrades. Depending on the Faction hiring him, he can benefit from most general upgrades like Scrabble and Oathkeeper.

Tactics and Tips

Pride does best when breaking up enemy clusters or claiming area. He has a nasty ranged attack so he won't get bored if no one comes his way, but he has a lot of ways to punish those who come close.

Deciding when to activate Pride is a balancing act. Before he activates, he has the protection of Manipulative. After he activates, he debuffs friendly and enemy models alike with (0) Solo.

Pride can work alongside Yamaziko (in a Ten Thunders and/or Misaki Crew) to cause massive enemy card drain.

Playing Against Pride

Expect a lot of hand drain. Pride's got a lot of abilities that drain away hands, including three abilities that cause damage or card discard in an area, plus Manipulative to pull cards when targeted. If attacking Pride, expect to burn through a few cards. Models with positive flips on attacks will have an easier time with him, but if you're attacking in melee you want to cheat at least once if you can afford it, since it's more useful to cheat than to discard a card.

Often the best way to take down Pride is through ranged attacks, since these don't cause as much card drain. Ranged attacks that target Wp are especially good if possible.

Getting close to Pride can be aggravating, as he causes so much card drain and damage just by being around. Getting a clump stuck up close to Pride can be downright humiliating as they all face his terrible auras.

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