Parker Barrows, Outcasts Master


A bandit leader who focuses on scheme marker and upgrade manipulation. Has good mobility with a touch of damage output.

His claim to fame is the ability to gain a soulstone once per turn when he discards an upgrade; he can then use them or nearby enemy scheme markers to attach new upgrades. This cycling is key to successful Parker play, but it makes him an adaptable master without relying on condition manipulation like Shenlong.


Without his upgrades, he is an average 5 Wk and 7 Cg; making use of his personal upgrades, he may discard Stick Up to take a free walk action at either the beginning or end of his activation. Has a trigger with an auto suit allowing him to push 3" when using his guns. Alternatively he may allow his fellow bandits within 8" to take a walk action at the start of a game with the Coordinated Heist upgrade.

He can also cast (1) "The Job's Not Done Yet!" which lets a friendly model push up to its Wk in any direction. It requires an 8 of any suit and has a stellar 18" range.


His main attack is (1) Six-Shooters, with Sh 6 with a built-in tome, a great Rg 12 but can also be used up close with a 2" melee range. 2/3/5 damage which may be increased by discarding upgrades using the built-in tome. The other tome trigger forces the enemy to drop one of their scheme markers while a mask lets Barrows push 3" after succeeding. The push is extra useful since this is a ranged and a melee weapon.

His second attack, (1) "Hands in the Air!" has a shorter, 8" range and is a Sh 6 attack resisted by Wp. This gives the target a condition called Pay Up, which forces the model to discard two cards when performing any tactical action for the rest of the turn. Not only is this a massive card drain if you can tag an important model before it activates, but it if the opponent ever runs out of cards, you can prevent a target from doing anything but attack. Remember that walking, charging, and interacting are tactical actions.

This attack also gains a trigger with a built-in tome when his upgrade Hail of Bullets is equipped. This lets you place an enemy scheme marker within 3" of the target.

Either attack can benefit from "You Were Told to Duck..." This ability allows you to discard the upgrade it's on (Coordinated Heist) when you would randomize shooting into melee, and instead shoot everyone in the melee. With a cheap, sacrificial lamb tying up multiple models (or, a resilient tarpit who can pull enemies in) Barrows can gain incredible AoE potential. After performing this, all friendly models you attacked may push 5", meaning that if you don't kill them on accident you can actually save your allies.

Parker should also have a decent stock of soulstones on him throughout the game, and he doesn't often need the suits, so feel free to use a few for positives on an attack flip when you don't want to focus. You may want to save these for damage prevention and defense, however.


Without his upgrades, he is a solid Df 6, Wp 6, with an incredible 14 Wd, but no damage reduction to speak of. Both of his limited upgrades provide him Bulletproof +1, and he wants to stay at a distance most of the time anyways.

His upgrade Human Shield grants him soft cover whenever he's within 2" of any other model. If the model's friendly and Parker ends up getting hit, he can discard the upgrade to shunt all the damage and effects to the other model.

Hail of Bullets, granted by an upgrade of the same name, has a ram trigger which heals Parker for 2 and discards the upgrade.

His personal totem Doc Mitchell not only heals, but can provide Hard to Wound +1. Always consider taking the Doc, who will extend Parker's outrageous Wd count, and his crew appreciates this too.

Additionally, Parker should have a steady stream of soulstones throughout the entire game with his upgrade cycle. Judicious use of enemy scheme markers to attach upgrades means you can greatly bolster Parker's resilience with an unprecedented number of soulstones.


Parker has several upgrades synergizing with his theme as a bandit, which he cycles through every turn.

Crate of Explosives: Gives a (1) action which blows up any scheme marker within 8", which then deals 4 damage to any model within a 3" pulse unless they pass a TN 13 Df duel. With Parker and his bandits, you should have no shortage of enemy scheme markers to pop. Note that Mad Dog Brackett can take this upgrade instead of Parker. Also of importance, is that this upgrade has no built-in way to discard it, so you'll have to use the trigger on his gun

Hail of Bullets: Gives Parker a (1) action to place two 50mm hazardous terrain markers. These deal 2/3/4, are Ht 0, and are soft cover. This lasts until Parker activates again or until he dies. On a ram, Parker can discard the upgrade to heal 2 damage.

Highwayman: Gives Parker a (0) action which allows a friendly model to attack. This upgrade is limited, and allows Parker to gain a soulstone at the end of his activation if he removed an enemy scheme marker for any reason. This is very similar to his next upgrade, which is:

Black Market: Gives Parker a (0) action which allows a friendly model to interact. This upgrade is limited, and allows Parker to draw two cards and discard one card after removing an enemy scheme marker for any reason (once per turn). Remember that removing enemy scheme markers is one of the ways Parker buys upgrades during the game! Additionally, Crate of Dynamite allows him to remove scheme markers, as does A Fistful of Scrip which turns up to four enemy scheme markers within 4" of Parker into friendly scheme markers, at the cost of one card each.

Coordinated Heist: Lets friendly bandits within 8" walk once at the beginning of the game, as well as the aforementioned "You Were Told to Duck..."

Stick Up: Allows Parker to use (1) Stick Up, which is Sh 6 with an 8" range and is resisted by Wp. This steals a soulstone from an enemy Master, Henchman, or Enforcer unless they choose to suffer 4 damage. Note that although this is a Sh attack, the way it's worded means that it will ignore incorporeal.

Human Shield: As covered in the Resilience section.

Tactics and Tips

Parker Barrows is a thief. He mainly wants to gain soulstones and then achieve his objectives, but has enough firepower to take down most foes. During most activations he is taking his 0 action to equip an upgrade with the option of taking a second 0 action on that upgrade with a mask trigger (which you can reasonably soulstone for). He then may take an action to discard that upgrade and gain a soulstone, thus providing offense, resilience, or at least breaking even if you soulstoned for the mask trigger. The upgrades themselves will cost one soulstone except for Coordinated Heist, which costs two. These can also be payed for with enemy scheme markers within 3", so try to do that whenever possible, especially if Highwayman or Black Market is equipped. The actions are all beneficial, so picking which one is optimal at that moment is the name of the game that Parker plays.

He and his thematic crew have various ways to force an enemy to drop a scheme marker, either for his switching upgrades, for using with Crate of Dynamite, or for turning into friendly scheme markers with A Fistful of Scrip. This ability costs cards, but thanks to Go Through Their Pockets he can draw a card whenever an enemy is killed within 6" of him. He'll have to discard if it wasn't a bandit that killed them, so you're encouraged to take his thematic crew, at least for killing.

Leading a Crew

Synergizes best with Bandit type models.

Highly appreciates models that can draw extra control cards or stones.

needs help buffing friendlies.

Strategies and Schemes

(General overview, then maybe specifics on what strategies/schemes are good and bad)

Building a Crew

Thanks to his movement tricks, as well as his own firepower, Parker runs a great gun line.

Best friend is Mad dog Bracket.

Ronin are expensive but a good source of stones or cards with seppuku.

Hodgepodge Effigy can help to gain stones, access to constant soft cover is a plus.

Vanessa is also a good card draw with a nice ranged attack.

Bandidos are made of glass but always a solid choice.

Playing Against [Master]

Watch out for Mad Dog Brackett's ability to take away cover.
Bandidos have a defensive trigger: push.

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