Parker Barrows, Outcasts Master


focuses on scheme marker and upgrade manipulation. Has good mobility with a touch of damage output. Has the ability to gain soul stones which he frequently uses for his extra curricular activities.


making use of his faction upgrades he can push either at the beginning or end of his activation. Has a trigger with an auto suit allowing him to push. Alternatively he may alow his crew to make a walk once at the start of a game.


main attack is a 12" gun. Average damage output which may be increased by discarding upgrades. Triggers focus on dropping enemy scheme markers or pushing Barrows.


(Possibly with subheadings like 'vs melee', ' vs ranged' and/or relevant spells and abilities)


has several upgrades synergizing with his theme as a bandit which he cycles through every turn. To simplify he has
crate of explosives: blows up enemy/friendly scheme markers.
Hail of Bullets: place two 50mm hazardous terrain markers.
(insert name): allows a friendly model to attack.
(insert name):allows a friendly model to interact.
(insert name): adds a trigger to Parker barrows' reach for the sky action.
Coordinated heist: allows friendly bandidos walk once at the beginning of the game.

Tactics and Tips

Parker Barrows is a thief. He mainly wants to achieve his objectives but has enough firepower to take down most foes. During most activations he is taking his 0 action to equip an upgrade at the expense of typically 1SS with the option of taking a second 0action on that upgrade. He then may take an action to discard that upgrade and gain 1SS. The actions are all beneficial.
He may choose to force an enemy to drop a scheme marker which he can turn into friendly at end of activation.

Leading a Crew

Synergizes best with Bandit type models.

Highly appreciates model that can draw extra control cards or stones.

needs help buffing friendlies.

Strategies and Schemes

(General overview, then maybe specifics on what strategies/schemes are good and bad)

Building a Crew

Runs a great gun line.
Best friend is Mad dog Bracket.

Ronin are expensive but a good source of stones or cards with seppuku.

Hodgepodge effigy can help to gain stones, access to constant soft cover is a plus.

Vanessa is also a good card draw with a nice ranged attack.

Bandidos are made of glass but always a solid choice.

Playing Against [Master]

Watch out for Mad Dog Bracketts ability to take away cover.
Bandidos have a defensive trigger: push.

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