The Nothing Beast, Outcast Henchman


The Nothing Beast is a thing of the Void. It has a broad-spread attack that can bury opponents and do tremendous maximum damage. The Nothing Beast can be a very vulnerable model, especially early in the round when its Df is low.

It is most often found in a Tara Crew, since Tara can use it as a big monster to deliver with burial shenanigans.


The Nothing Beast is Incorporeal which can help it through terrain. Otherwise, it's not very fast. Often a Tara Crew will get around this by burying the Nothing Beast and then unburying it in an enemy's lap.


With a Ca attack of 7, The Nothing Beast will usually be able to hit his targets, With a nice damage spread that strikes Severe at 7, and has the handy bury trigger that most of Tara's crew has, you'll be trying to Obliterate a lot of your competition. What is important to note is that The Nothing Beast has Casting Expert, so if you start off in combat, you'll be able to swing three blows.


The Nothing Beast has multiple layers of resilience, including a Df that can get quite good, Incorporeal, and a passive counterattack ability. However, even with all these advantages, the Nothing beast can be very fragile.

With a Defense of 9(!), The Nothing Beast is very slippery to hit indeed. Until, that is, his Defense gets knocked down by having cards in your hand.

His (0) action as well, grants him a counter-attack if the opponent hits him, so while you might be able to do some damage, it's probably best to use it as a deterrent, as The Nothing Beast only has 7 wounds, and Void only activates after being successfully hit. An interesting point to note, though, is that the only requirement for The Nothing Beast to counter-attack is that the opponent's Ml attack is successful - it doesn't have to damage you! Between Incorporeal and The Nothing Beast's henchman ability to use soulstones, this can make attacking him quite risky unless the attacker has a high weak damage, as otherwise The Nothing Beast can burn a soulstone for damage prevention.

Incorporeal is another nice trick, that extends The Nothing Beast's 7 wounds, but if he gets targeted by attack spells, he's going to go down, fast.

As a henchman, The Nothing Beast can spend soulstones on damage prevention flips.


The Nothing Beast has four choices for Upgrades: Scramble (which can give tremendous mobility), Oath Keeper (which can give Fast on a key Activation or drop a marker when the Nothing Beast gets killed), Voiceless Words (which might bury a model that kills the Nothing Beast or a Void Wretch in LOS), or Void Shield (which can be discarded to reduce damage dealt to the Nothing Beast to 0, and lets nearby allies use Glimpse The Void regardless of how many friendly models are buried). It doesn't really need any of these upgrades, but can gain benefits from any of them. Use Scramble if you want help getting The Nothing Beast into position. Use Oath Keeper if you anticipate battle in a central ground and want to drop a Scheme Marker there. Use Voiceless Words if you're facing a low-Wp Crew and taking a lot of Void Wretches. Void Shield is free, and can help against Ca attacks, or attacks early in the turn before the Nothing Beast's Df goes up.

Tactics and Tips

With his high Defense, and low Wounds, any healing on this model is going to pay dividends. Also, if he's getting targeted a lot, cheating the flips has the nice effect of lowering your hand size, and increasing his survival rate.

And remember, just hitting with Obliterate is enough to force a Glimpse the Void, and a possible removal. With Tara able to knock down Fast opponent's Willpower, she can make it easy to cast them out.

Tricks and Tips While Leading a Crew

Without Tara's Temporal Shift, The Nothing Beast is going to need another way to dump cards fast when it's leading a crew. Any model with a card discard ability, such as Rusty Alyce's Rapid Fire or the Freikorps Librarian's Furious Casting, can help to lower your hand size and make your leader less vulnerable.

Strategies and Schemes

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Building a Crew

Given that you'll want to dump cards from your hand to raise The Nothing Beast's defence, you may as well take other models who benefit from this. Void Wretches can also make use of The Nothing Beast's Glimpse The Void trigger, attacking or healing buried models.

Sue can add a layer of protection with his The Man in Black Action which imposes a negative flip on CA actions targeting friendly models with 3" of Sue. Incorporeal models like the Nothing Beast and Void Wretches really benefit from this, although it can dictate activation order and positioning a little.

Starting The Nothing Beast

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Playing Against The Nothing Beast

Wanna turn The Nothing Beast into just nothing? The easiest way is hitting him hard before the other player can discard their hand. Hitting a Defense 3, is a lot easier than a Defense 9. If Tara's already cast her spell though, and threw out her hand, your best bet is not to force through blows, but target the more manageable Willpower of 6. Strike with spells, to get around incorporeal, and long range, if he's already set up his counter-attack. If you have enough guns, pinging The Beast with pot shots will knock him down.

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